Wreath Flowers

I have always wanted to see  real wreath flower. I had seen pictures, but I wanted to see one for myself.  Wreath flowers are a unique and  beautiful Western Australia wildflower. They grow in expanding circles, with the flowers appearing around the edges forming a living wreath. They bloom a vivid deep pink and white, some are mainly white and a dusty pink, some are vibrant red. Flower fanatics come from everywhere to see these beauties for themselves. The plants grow on disturbed ground, so recently graded roads are a great place to see them. They only grow in certain locations and at certain times of the year, generally between late August and November, depending on rainfall. There is a section of the mid west of WA where they grow. We found some a tPerenjori, Morowa and the Morowa to Yalgoo Road. If you go to the local tourist information they will tell you the best places to go.

Their botanical name is Lechenaultia macrantha. Lechenaultia macrantha is placed in the family Goodeniaceae, nearly all of which are found in Australia’s arid regions.

Okay, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough…..here they are

first wreath flower
Lechenaultia macrantha is a species of low growing plant found on sandy or gravelly soils in Western Australia.
weath flowers
Two wreath flowers up on the bank of a gravel pit
wreath flower 2
This is how they start growing
wreath flower 4
A pink and white wreath flower
wreath flower 5
Dark pink and white wreath flower
wreath flower close up
Close up of the flowers of Lechenaultia macrantha
wreath flower hunting
Looking for flowers
wreath flower pink 6
A beautiful example of a wreath flower
wreath flowers 2
These wreaths love to grow around other trees

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