We have experienced a great blooming of wildflowers as we head towards home. Some were taken at Fitzroy Crossing, some at Exmouth and some around Greenhead in Western Australia. We are going on a wildflower tour next week to try to see the exotic and elusive wreath flower. Keep checking as I will post when we find it!!!

Wildflower season in WA goes from August to December and varies according to the weather. We are having an great season this year. I went looking for spider orchids yesterday and wow did I find Spider Orchids!!! I was so excited. Normally you find one or two but….well have a look for yourself….

daddy long legs spider orchid

Normally you only see one or two, this is amazing

Terrestial spider orchid Mt lesueur

An exotic spider orcid

white spider 3 Mt Leuser

Spider orchid at Mt Lesueur

everlastings purple 5

A blaze of colour

mulla mulla 1

These were on the way to Gascoyne Junction in Western Australia

mulla mulla 2

These grow in great clumps

Pink everlastings 2

Pink evelasting transforming the bush

Pink everlastings 2

A blue/purple wildflower in the bush

wildflowers 7

More wildflowers

wildflowers 10

yellow and purple wildflowers

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