Unexpected changes

Sometimes life gives us lemon, this is a great time to learn to make lemonade. My husband got some sandfly bites in Darwin and by the time we got to Kununurra we should have gone and seen a DR, but men being men, he didn’t want to, so we treated them with tea tree and silver and they appeared to be clearing up. We spent a few days camping out before we got to Roebuck Roadhouse and caravan Park about 35km out of Broome and decided to stop for a couple of days. It was lucky we did…to cut a long story short….he had a sore leg and tracklines running up to his groin and a raging temp. I took him to the hospital and that is where he stayed for the week, he had septis cellulitis, which is where all the cells are infected. He spent 4 days on IV antibiotics then oral antibiotics. This was his leg.

cellulitis from a sandfly

colins leg












So for all you stubborn men and women who put off seeing a DR to the lat minute, DON’T!!! I don’t think he was ever coming out with food like this and the great nurses and Drs at Broome hospital.

main meal and dessert


rock cake

cake and tea











Naturally I spent each day at the hospital, but managed to slip out at lunchtime and go to the beach and we were staying out at Roebuck Road house so got to get some trucks as well. So I still have some pics for you.

truck in dust at sunset sign blur number

peace and tranquility

Broomes famous cable beach ©2014 Photography by Julia K Harwood













When life rains on our parade and we are far from home and friends and family, what do you do? I would encourage you to let people know, let your family and friends know through social media and email and talk to the people where you are staying. We all need support at times like this and if I hadn’t reached out to others I don’t know how I would have survived. I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who commented, rang, emailed or texted us, it really does make a difference and a special thanks to Von and Max our neighbors at the caravan park who were waiting for me every night when I got home to check that I was okay, who gave me cuddles when I was upset and helped me to keep hoping for the best. And to finish off what is a trip to Broome without a stairway to the moon.

moon rising at low tide

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