Flower Photography

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Flower Photograohy – If you love flowers and want to be able to capture them so they look as amazing as they are then this is the book for you. Tips on how to get the perfect flower image, what settings to use, what gear you may need and the best times to go out taking your shots. It is a great companion book to macro and composition.

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Sunset Capital of Australia

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I have been truly blessed to live in a wonderful place called Busselton which is about 21/2 hours drive from Perth the capital of Western Australia. We have been named as the sunset capital for our fantastic sunsets.

Busselton is located on a north facing bay, so we have the opportunity to see both a sunrise and a sunset over the waters of Geographe Bay.

peacefull evenings

May this help lift your spirit





This was one I took the other night. People often say you can never capture it as it was, but I like to think we can get pretty close. No we don’t have the sound of water lapping at our feel or get to see the stingrays float by or the dolphins jumping, but we can still impart the beauty of the days end.

For most people when they find themselves looking at a beautiful sunset the only camera they have with them is a phone camera. The wonderful thing is that you can still get great memories with just this camera.

I have an iphone, so when I put the camera up towards the sunset I turn it to landscape orientation, the long side of the phone matching the horizon, and then I touch on the screen where I want to focus. When I do this a little square box comes up. If I want to lock the focus and exposure I hold down for longer on the box and a ef/evLock symbol comes up. This means it will stay locked to this setting. When you are setting the exposure there is a line with a little sun symbol next to the box, you can drag this up and down to increase or decrease the exposure. Your phone may have a slightly different setup, so go online and check out what they are.

This is important in sunset shots as the sun is actually very bright and so the image often loses most of it’s lovely colors, but if you slide down with this slider you will see the colors really stand out again.

It is also worth noting that most camera phones now have some great editing software that come with them and for more options you can download apps.

These are some of my iphone sunsets.

slow kiss goodnight

slow kiss goodnight






sunset with iphone

sunset with iphone







Sunset over harbour

sunset over Port Geo, Busselto







So as you can see you never need think I wish I brought my camera, instead pull out your trusty phone and click away.

Do you love taking photos?

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Truck in the dust at sunset

Do you wish you could take better photos or were motivated to take more?

I have good news for you and it’s not going to cost you a cent!!!

Yep totally free.

I am going to be posting tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you when taking the image and when processing it.

If you are subscribed to my newsletter you will receive a link to any articles I have put up during the week. If you want to have your finger on the pulse, bookmark the site and check each day.

Depending on my health as to how often I post.

Now we get to the best part. It’s orchid season. For those of us in Australia anyway. I like in an area in the south west of Western Australia and we have some of the best wildflowers at this time of the year, including many orchids.

I am going to start off with a teaser…..

Thelymitra variegata

This is the rare and endangered Thelymitra variegata









This is the rare and endangered, “Queen of Sheba” or Thelymitra variegata

It grows in Banksia woodlands in the scrub areas around the coastal areas of South West Australia.

For most of the orchids I will give you a general idea of where to look for them unless they are endangered, as is this one. I will tell you though, that each year, they have tours in the Stirling Rangers where they will take you to see them. They have finished for this year, but we are planning on heading down there next year.

We will do a bit of travelling and sometimes I will get information from other people. I want to add here a very important note. Many people are not sharing locations anymore as people are digging up the plants. The plants need certain fungi and certain trees around them to grow and they need there specific pollinators to  be pollinated and reproduce, so digging them up is a waste of time, it is also illegal as is picking of all wildflowers in Australia and carries with it a hefty fine.

Take you camera or your phone and take pictures but leave the plants for others to enjoy.A lot of these orchids are very tiny, ranging from the size of a match head to the size of a small daisy, so when going through any bush watch where you put your feet.

Another important thing we have learn’t through our own journey, I have been hunting and photographing orchids for the last 6 years, is that whatever grows in the bush also grows by the paths or tracks. Often you will find them on the path and if you go into the bush looking for them you won’t find any more, so most often look along the road verges, follow tracks or paths and you will find them. Even the Queen we found 3 foot off the path and easily spotted from the path. (After I had spent 3 different days looking through the bush, thinking it wouldn’t be near a path!) So learn from our experiences.

The other reason to stay on the path or road is there is less chance of getting ticks. Ticks love the Western Australian bush and if you go bush bashing I can guarantee you will get a few. They are not nice and carry some nasty diseases, so look after yourself and the environment at the same time.

I will end this post here as I want to pin this to the front so any new people to the site can read it, but I will add another post giving you an idea of what is out now and where to look.


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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I have just finished my sixth book in the “Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer” Series

You can see all the titles here http://amzn.to/1DG8tbD

I am still doing photo critiquing and coaching and am enjoying helping others as well as getting some spending money.

If you are subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud then there is a new Lightroom called Lightroom CC which you get as part of your subscription, so be sure to download it. If you don’t subscribe LR6 is the stand alone version. There are some cool features such as HDR and Panorama within LR, which means you can leave your files as RAW files or DNG and convert all the data, so then have a lot more pixels and detail to play with. There is also a face recognition feature, which is pretty cool. You can search for people by name or just by their face.

Camera RAW also has an update for newer camera models.

Hope you are all well, enjoying life and getting out and getting some great images.

This month of the Dash is just starting so you can still join, but get in quickly. Go here to see the subjects that are available this month. http://www.digital-photo-secrets.com/aff/Jkh/20854b63.html


Sunset over ocean in Busselton

Christmas Time Again

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I don’t know about you, but it feels like only last month I was packing away last years decorations and here it is again.

I love Christmas, not the madness of entertaining, but the lights the decorations, the fun of watching children’s eyes light up in wonder.

christmas greeetings

Merry Christmas and may it be filled with love and laughter- designed by me just for you:)







Unfortunately this is often a time of stress, frustration and tension for many adults, so today I want to encourage you to look at Christmas through a child’s eyes.

Have you been out an looked at the beautiful lights, put an evening aside to drive around and look at them or join a bus tour. This is a great way to rekindle the joy of Christmas.

Let me tell you a story, when my son was nearly 17 and hadn’t quite got his licence I said, “why don’t we go and look at some lights?” Like most 17 year old boys he wasn’t overly enthused, so I said, “why don’t you ring your girlfriend and I will pick her up and we will go together”

Well what young man will pass up a chance to spend time with his girl so he rang her and asked if she wanted to, she was so excited, she had never been and looked at the displays, but she said, “I’m already in my pajamas” I said, “don’t worry you can come as you are.”

So we went around and picked her up and she was so excited and so awestruck by the beauty of the lights and the fact that people would go to all that trouble just to please others totally blew her away. Some people think we did something great for her by picking her up and taking her with us, but what she gave us that night still brings a smile to my face whenever Christmas comes around.

Why? Because she showed us the pure joy of Christmas the wonder and magic that we can experience as adults as well as children if we allow ourselves the time to stop and take in what is around us.

Why not create a new tradition where you have a night off from the silly season and just marvel at the spectacle all around us, let our inner child out and stand in wonder and amazement.

It is as we take time out for these things that the other ‘chores’ of Christmas will come into perspective.

Christmas is a time of getting together, sharing what our years have been like, relaxing, laughing….who cares if the meal isn’t just perfect, as long as we have food to eat, who cares what we wear, we could come in our pajamas and still have fun.

Let’s choose to change our perspective this year and just enjoy the treats that come with the season and the friends and family we have around us and if we know someone who doesn’t have family around them, why not include them in yours, this is the greatest gift you can give someone.

Merry Christmas to all of you. I am hoping to do a post to give you some photo tips for Christmas day, but in the meantime…Have Fun.



Rosie part 2

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We traveled to Sandfire roadhouse and decided to stop for a toilet break. Sandfire is a very appropriate name as in summer he sand is so hot that it is like fire. Well we finally found some tourists, there are about 20 vehicles here, caravans, boats, camper trailers, trucks and us.

Sandfire has a few peacocks walking around and I was able to photograph a white one.  A quick photo tip: when photographing something white always underexposed the image a little so that you don’t end up with an image that looks like a bright white blob.

white peacock

photographing white

overexposed white image

This is a correctly exposed white peacock, we can see the details in the feathers




This is the overexposed image.





They also have a little water garden, an oasis in the desert and an old machinery area, where hey have old engines, old fuel browsers, old trucks and more. They also have heaps of signs that they have collected over the years.

While we were there an indigenous family were having something to eat and the older man, an elder, was staring in contemplation out into the distance. He had so many lines in his face, it was like he pages of a book and I dare say he could share as many stories. I politely asked if he would mind if I took his photo, he said, okay and then his family started giving him a good natured ribbing, “Oh, you gonna be a movie star” and the like, I smiled and took a couple of pictures. I would have loved to have sat down with them and had a yarn, but Colin was waiting and Rosie was wanting to get those wheels turning again, so I thanked them and left.








We are driving through station country at the moment, we have passed Anna Plains, Neta Down and Shallamar. We are now driving through Shamrock Market Gardens and Bidgedanga. They mainly grow watermelons in this area.

Colin used to call in at these stations to deliver mail and supplies and pick up melons for the Perth markets.

Just before you get to. Roebuck, there is the Roebuck plains and at certain times of the day when the sun is low in the sky you can see the yachts racing off in the distance just like the yachts in the shot below.

roebuck plains

sail boats







We stopped at Roebuck for an icecream and I checked the internet to see if any students had uploaded, for those of you who don’t know I. Do photo coaching/critique for The Dash, there were 7 photos needing my attention, so I downloaded them so I can work on them tonight and then post my reviews when we come into range again. The joys of being on the road.

I brought a 12v adapter for my laptop so I could work when we didn’t have power, so I plugged it in and blew a fuse, unfortunately this is also for our car cam, our GPS and for charging our phones, so I am not very popular at the moment. Hopefully Colin can fix it when we pull up for the night.

Fortunately we passed some cars in the variety bash, so that diverted Colin’s attention.


Ralley car

Variety bash car







We are headed for Nillibubbica parking area for the night.

It is already blisteringly hot. Only a few days till Katherine and the natural springs to revive the body in.