Hybrid orchids

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We are finding more and more hybrid orchids around. These are where two different orchids have cross pollinate. This is being caused by the European bee which as an introduced species doesn’t stick to on type of orchid.

You will be pleased to know that when we go orchid hunting, my friend and I, you will hear a shout and then the other will say, “what have you found?” To which the reply comes, a funnel web, or a leopard, or a bee……. if they say a tiger, you know that it’s a snake and time to get out of there, but the others are all orchids and we are very excited when we find them:)

This is a hybrid of a karri spider and a funnel-web spider orchid.

Caladenia brownii x caladenia infundibularis

hybrid between a karri spider orchid and a funnel-web spider orchid









This is the Karri Spider orchid

caladenia brownii

karri spider orchid









And this is the funnel web spider orchid

Funnel-web spider orchid

caladenia infundibularis









These are a few others to whet your appetitie.

This is my friend climbing up on a log to get the shot....the things we do for a good shot.

This is my friend climbing up on a log to get the shot….the things we do for a good shot.

Blue lady a sun orchid

Blue lady a sun orchid

Swamp Spider Orchid, Caladenia paludosa

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This is an orchid that is found in winter wet areas and this one we found in the Busselton area around Ruabon Rd.

It was a rainy day so we had to dodge showers but it enabled us to get them with raindrops and water on them.

swamp spider orchid

view from above









When photographing any flower you should try to get as many angles as possible especially if you will be using the photos to identify the plant.


Caladenia Paludosa

Swamp spider orchid








Often the only differentiating features on an orchid will be the height of the fringe or the clubs on its petals so be sure to include these.

Caladenia paludosa

Full plant including leaf









Sometimes it is the leaf that helps in the identification and it also helps us find them as the leaves come out first and then the flower, So it always pays to know what leaf you are looking for.

Caladenia paludosa

Side view









Often getting the whole flower in focus is hard, so if we shoot side on we get the most of the depth of field.

Orchids are often very small so please watch where you put your feet when you are walking in the bush and make sure you have pest repellent, water, a hat and wear sunscreen.

Happy hunting.