Queen of Sheeba

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If you are an orchid lover like me you will know how that name gets the heart beating and the pulse racing. The Queen of Sheeba is one very rare and very beautiful lady.

I could add it here, but where’s the fun in that…

we were traveling and asking all we passed if they had seen any orchids, after two days at one camp someone let us know they had found the Queen..

Excitement plus as we raced to get instructions, pack up camp and head out, she never hangs around very long.

Later that day after arriving at our destination and not finding her we cast the net a bit wider and started a serious search and the shout went up…..we had found her!!!

Okay enough? Here she is….

Northern Queen of Sheeba

Terrestail orchid western Australia









Was it worth the wait! It was for us. We took lots of photos, side on, top view, leaf, back view and more. This is the photo tip, when you get presented with once in a life time opportunities take as many images as you can, if you have a chance, walk away, have a look at the images, check you have what you want, if not go and take some more, even if you have, check all your settings and then take some more. You can always delete some you may never get the chance to take it again.

Northern Queen of Sheeba leaf

curly leaf

back of northern Queen of Sheeba

back of orchid

Northern Queen of Sheeba

Terrestial orchid
















I hope you enjoyed meeting this lady as much as I did. By next week I will have many more wildflowers to share with you as we are now back in Perth and I have some time and some internet!!!