Night Photography

Night photography can be daunting, first because we feel more threatened or vulnerable at night, so it is good to always think safety first. Take someone with you. Then the art of photographing at night is often hard to master especially if you want to do night landscapes. You need both an understanding of low light or long exposure photography and some knowledge of lunar science. The light from the moon has a different quality to sunlight and gives a Continue reading Night Photography

Learn how to Photograph Flowers and/or Night Photography

Macro either excites people or terrifies them. Flowers are a favourite starting point for many people wanting to get into macro photography, for two reasons. One is that they are readily available and two there are lots that aren’t really small.             For others it is their love of gardening that draws them to photography and eventually macro as they want to record the changes that happen in their garden. Flowers are favourites for photographers Continue reading Learn how to Photograph Flowers and/or Night Photography