Portrait Cue Card

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Portrait Checklist

Portrait photography that tells a story

Natures window







– Set camera to burst mode

– Tripod

– Spare camera

– Batteries fully charged.

– Memory card and spares (formatted)

– Flashes and reflectors

-Clean your camera lens and take a microfibre cloth

On arrival walk around, look at the light, find somewhere that has good lighting preferably coming from the side but slightly in front. If shady find solid shade.

Check off camera flash is on.

Chat to people, get them to relax and learn a bit about them.

Check for shadows especially on faces.

Be creative.

If your IS lens or camera doesn’t have a tripod mode or isn’t enhanced for tripod awareness then turn Image Stabilization OFF.

Set the white balance to custom and get person to hold grey card then set WB in post or better still shoot in RAW.

Use Golden Hour as much as possible, use shady or cloudy white balance.

Try to take an image that tells a story about the person.