Source, who, what is it and how can I connect?

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Many people ask me who or what Source is.

It is the being of unconditional love and light that is omnipresent.

Some people call that God, some Buddha, some the Divine, some The universe or universal energy, some cosmic energy and some Divine consciousness.

I use all of these terms including Source as when we name something, we limit what it is by our perception of who or what that is. For me it is not linked to any religion although many people connect with it through religious practice. 

The energy to me is the creator of everything, the being who was before time and will be after time. He/she is light love man/woman.

He/ she is a being of complete unconditional love and the amazing thing is that this energy is part of every one of us. A common thread so to speak. He/she is infinite. It is the part of us that goes on after we die.

So how can you feel the energy and feel the unconditional love? 

A method I use is as follows:

Sit or lay comfortably, place your left hand on the center of your chest at around the level of your heart, then place your right hand on top of that. This is your heart chakra.

Now focus your attention here, take a couple of breaths and feel gratitude for where you are right now, gratitude that you have the chance to sit and do this, gratitude for what is around you. 

Now ask. “White light energy of the universe, the energy that is unconditional love, please fill me now. I ask you and the angels to be part of my life from this day till eternity. Please be with me, help me and guide me. Allow all that I am to rise to the heavens and experience your love and light and so it is.”

Sit with this amazing being and let it soak into your being. If you have something weighing on your mind or a situation you are struggling with you can ask Source directly to help or you can call on ArchAngel Michael to help you.

Archangel Michael is the leader of all the angels, so he will send whichever angel it is that you need.

Because we live in a free will world, the universal energy or the angels cannot come and be with us and help us unless we ask.

You may not feel you get an answer strait away, but start paying attention to things that stand out to you. The answer may come through something you see on TV or on a sign, something someone says, something you hear. Be open to receive.

I asked Source if he would like to speak to you, the following is what I received:-

I am infinite, this is a hard concept for you to grasp as you live in a finite world of time and space, but I am part of everything you see, the grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds, animals and you. I am part of all living things. It is me that gives you life and when you leave this earth plain it is me your spirit comes back to as you are part of me and I am part of you. 

As you realise your connectedness you and earth will begin to heal, many people over time have tried to teach you about separation but this is just an illusion. As you see beyond peoples actions to their soul, you will find a common bond through me. I am, you are, we are and I love you with an unconditional love that never changes and never waivers, all you have to do to awaken is ask me to be part of your life. I am already within you, the asking just allows you to perceive me fully.

Sunset Capital of Australia

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I have been truly blessed to live in a wonderful place called Busselton which is about 21/2 hours drive from Perth the capital of Western Australia. We have been named as the sunset capital for our fantastic sunsets.

Busselton is located on a north facing bay, so we have the opportunity to see both a sunrise and a sunset over the waters of Geographe Bay.

peacefull evenings

May this help lift your spirit





This was one I took the other night. People often say you can never capture it as it was, but I like to think we can get pretty close. No we don’t have the sound of water lapping at our feel or get to see the stingrays float by or the dolphins jumping, but we can still impart the beauty of the days end.

For most people when they find themselves looking at a beautiful sunset the only camera they have with them is a phone camera. The wonderful thing is that you can still get great memories with just this camera.

I have an iphone, so when I put the camera up towards the sunset I turn it to landscape orientation, the long side of the phone matching the horizon, and then I touch on the screen where I want to focus. When I do this a little square box comes up. If I want to lock the focus and exposure I hold down for longer on the box and a ef/evLock symbol comes up. This means it will stay locked to this setting. When you are setting the exposure there is a line with a little sun symbol next to the box, you can drag this up and down to increase or decrease the exposure. Your phone may have a slightly different setup, so go online and check out what they are.

This is important in sunset shots as the sun is actually very bright and so the image often loses most of it’s lovely colors, but if you slide down with this slider you will see the colors really stand out again.

It is also worth noting that most camera phones now have some great editing software that come with them and for more options you can download apps.

These are some of my iphone sunsets.

slow kiss goodnight

slow kiss goodnight






sunset with iphone

sunset with iphone







Sunset over harbour

sunset over Port Geo, Busselto







So as you can see you never need think I wish I brought my camera, instead pull out your trusty phone and click away.

New Camera, where do I start?

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This is a question I am often asked.

We upgrade either because our old camera died or because we want a camera with more options or some lovely person buys us a fantastic gift, but suddenly we are looking at something that seems to talk a different language to the one we are used to.

My first instruction is going to sound really basic and overwhelming at the same time, but keep reading.

Firstly, read the manual….I know it’s huge or only online or full of goobly gook.

So read one section or chapter at a time, holding the camera as you do. Look at where it tells you each function is and find that before moving on. This is an excercise in familiarizing yourself with something new. You may not remember where everything is, but you will know where to go to find it.

Affter the first instructions on where things are and what they do, read one section at a time and then go and try it. If it is talking about the different programs, set up a scene, it can just be a chair on the deck and take a photo of this using all the different settings, go and load them on he computer and go through them looking at the difference in each.

I would suggest you keep working through your manual, even if only a section each week, read it and then put it into practice. This will familiarize you with this particular cameras features and abilities

Having done this, especially the first bit, I would suggest you look at taking a course. The reason you have upgraded or got a new camera is usually connected to the fact that you want to take better shots. Just as buying a new oven will not make you a better chef, buying a new camera will not make you a better photographer, however with the right tools you can let your craft shine, but first you need to learn that craft

I have been a photographer for over 20 years and have done numerous photography courses and training and yet I am still constantly learning. You want a course ideally that is affordable and where you will receive feedback from pro photographers or coaches, so that if you get stuck you don’t end up getting frustrated, instead you get help.

There is a course I would highly recommend, it is run by Digital-photo-secrets and is called “The Dash”

I took the course myself to see if it was one I would recommend and was amazed at how much I learnt. I am now one of the coaches for this course. Why this course, firstly it is affordable at as low as $19/month. Each month is a course In Itself and you have the option of a coach. This option costs a bit more but is a lot, lot less than it would cost you to hire a photographer even for an hour. If it is more than you can afford then ask family or friends to give it to you as a gift. Doing the course without the one on one of a photo coach is still very worthwhile.

Am I just promoting what I am involved in? No, the reason I work with the students in this course is that it is a course that works for people who are just starting out right through to the professionals. You will be amazed at the change it will bring to your photography.

NT Wildlife park


The course also offers three levels for each challenge, beginner, intermediate and advanced, so there is something for everyone.

Whether you opt for this course or a different one, I encourage you to do a course that will hone your skills or teach you the skills in the first place if you are new to photography.

What if I don’t have the time or the money?  Don’t worry! If you have a camera, even if it is just a phone you can go out and start taking pictures. Photography to me is one of the healing arts, if you are in pain, lonely, at a loss of where to go in life or anywhere in between, grabbing the camera and going outside has a real healing quality. It helps us to forget ourselves and just be. Even if you can only go to the back yard, you will be amazed at the world you will discover.

So I would encourage you to get out and play, even if you only use the automatic or scene settings to begin with, get out there and start to discover the joy of photography. If you want help or some motivation and direction have a look here. I would be honored to walk part of your photography journey with you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask

Disappointed with some of your photos?

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How often have you got home from a trip or a fantastic day out and loaded your pics ready to show them to your family and friends and you look at them on the computer screen and realize they aren’t showing what it was really like?

You are so disappointed, because you wanted them to share the great time you had.

Well despair no more, there is a way you can learn to bring the photos back to life.

All those photos of special moments that you have sitting on your computer but haven’t done much with them, we will show you how to make them the best they can be in this months “Photo Dash” (see the link below)

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I was down the beach taking a sunset photo and somebody walked past and said, “the photos never looks as good as the real thing.”Without thinking, I said,”mine do.”

Red at night shepherds delight

This was taken 20 mins after sunset as the red filled the sky.







She stopped and gave me a real look of surprise. I realized afterwards that I probably sounded really conceited, but it wasn’t meant to be, my images do look like it was. So that made me once again realize that not everyone knows how to achieve this.

But you can learn.

Not only can you fix the photos you already have, if you do both streams of the Dash then we will actually help you to improve the shots you actually take in the first place as well, in the Dash Blend.

Have you done photo courses before, but didn’t finish them, you got stuck on something and it all seemed too hard?

Choose the Gold or Platinum options you will get offered after you have signed up and you will have a professional photographer to be your coach and to walk beside you through the course.

They will be your personal coach, to answer your questions, show you what you can change and even help you with your particular area of interest.

Surely a professional photographer as a coach for a month will cost an arm and a leg?

NO, for the price of a cup of coffee a day you are able to have this great opportunity.

What are you waiting for, click on the banner below and get your camera ready for the 1st May.

Less Known Composition Rules, Notan

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Well I have covered the main composition rules for photography, but there are three more which are often forgotten.

The first is Notan

What is Notan?

Notan is said to be negative and positive space. Light and dark working together to create a whole, the yin and yang of a high contrast image.

A lot of the time with HDR images the creating on Notan is forgotten as we open up the shadows and loose the true negative space in an image.

A perfect example of negative space is a silhouette.

To use Notan, we need to make shadows actual shadows instead of dark, light areas.

A great way to see the Notan in an image if you have Photoshop is to use the Threshold adjustment layer. It will show you the black and white in the image.

A beautiful example of Notan was provided by one of my Photography Dash students, Mona Nissen



Composition rule Notan









Above is an example of the black and white areas of an image that helps to create the Notan effect

We can see the actual Notan effect by going to Photoshop and in the adjustments select Threshold and you will see the black and white and the composition it creates.


This helps to show you why the first image works so well. We don’t consciousl see the Notan effect, but it still creates a strong image when we use it.