New Skate Park in Busselton

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There is great happenings afoot in good old Busso, what with all the foreshore redevelopment, miles and miles of bike tracks, a great history that you can learn about at the old courthouse and yes,t he latest edition the HUGE skate park.

When I say HUGE i have not been to many so you will need to check it out for yourself. It has tow bowls, a smaller on and a larger very deep one as well as lots of skate tracks with all manner of aids to jumping and doing tricks off.


skate park

small bowl, skate park Busselton







This is the small bowl and looks like a lot of fun. Before I go on though I want to add a little word about safety. Please all wear your helmets, one fall can do a lot of damage. The sprinklers are making some of the ramps slippery at the moment so be aware that it is dangerous to use the park when it is wet. The sprinklers are being adjusted and as of next week most will only come on at night, which brings me to the problem of people breaking the sprinklers, they are quite close to the path so please be aware of them and stay away from them. One broken sprinkler can have the bowl wet for hours which is not what you want. Finally this is a great facility that Busselton has provided free for everyone, so please clean up after yourselves. There are bins, shelters and water refill points so there is no excuse to leave rubbish behind.

filtered water

water, bins and shelter









Ok back tot he fun stuff…and notice he has on a helmet!


Skater coming out of the bowl ad getting airborne








The park is for everyone from the smaller kids on bikes and scooters, to the bigger kids and adults on boards.

Busselton skatepark

Artwork and part of the skating area


More of the track









There are smaller areas where younger kids and beginners can find their feet.

skate park

smaller area








And there is even somewhere to keep up your basketball skills.


Basketball halfcourt









And finally the big bowl….

Large bowl

Big bowl, can”t wait to see some skill happening here.







So I hope you check this out next time you are down in Busselton. It is park of the foreshore precinct. To drive there head down Queen street, the main drag through town and then at the end of the paved section of road turn right at the roundabout, go to the next roundabout and turn left. This is also the way to the Jetty and The Goose for the time being as more construction is under way.

Something new to enjoy as well as all the old favorites. if you fancy a walk to the end of the jetty there is now a direction and distance pole there to places all over the world as well as a spot for a selfie that tells you how far you are out to sea.



Christmas Time Again

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I don’t know about you, but it feels like only last month I was packing away last years decorations and here it is again.

I love Christmas, not the madness of entertaining, but the lights the decorations, the fun of watching children’s eyes light up in wonder.

christmas greeetings

Merry Christmas and may it be filled with love and laughter- designed by me just for you:)







Unfortunately this is often a time of stress, frustration and tension for many adults, so today I want to encourage you to look at Christmas through a child’s eyes.

Have you been out an looked at the beautiful lights, put an evening aside to drive around and look at them or join a bus tour. This is a great way to rekindle the joy of Christmas.

Let me tell you a story, when my son was nearly 17 and hadn’t quite got his licence I said, “why don’t we go and look at some lights?” Like most 17 year old boys he wasn’t overly enthused, so I said, “why don’t you ring your girlfriend and I will pick her up and we will go together”

Well what young man will pass up a chance to spend time with his girl so he rang her and asked if she wanted to, she was so excited, she had never been and looked at the displays, but she said, “I’m already in my pajamas” I said, “don’t worry you can come as you are.”

So we went around and picked her up and she was so excited and so awestruck by the beauty of the lights and the fact that people would go to all that trouble just to please others totally blew her away. Some people think we did something great for her by picking her up and taking her with us, but what she gave us that night still brings a smile to my face whenever Christmas comes around.

Why? Because she showed us the pure joy of Christmas the wonder and magic that we can experience as adults as well as children if we allow ourselves the time to stop and take in what is around us.

Why not create a new tradition where you have a night off from the silly season and just marvel at the spectacle all around us, let our inner child out and stand in wonder and amazement.

It is as we take time out for these things that the other ‘chores’ of Christmas will come into perspective.

Christmas is a time of getting together, sharing what our years have been like, relaxing, laughing….who cares if the meal isn’t just perfect, as long as we have food to eat, who cares what we wear, we could come in our pajamas and still have fun.

Let’s choose to change our perspective this year and just enjoy the treats that come with the season and the friends and family we have around us and if we know someone who doesn’t have family around them, why not include them in yours, this is the greatest gift you can give someone.

Merry Christmas to all of you. I am hoping to do a post to give you some photo tips for Christmas day, but in the meantime…Have Fun.



Will I ever get there?

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Truck in the dust at sunset

learn how to take great sunset shots

This is a question I get asked a lot as a photo coach and critiquer. Often people compare their photos with others they see online and they wonder what the point is, there are so many great images out there and I will never be as good as them so what’s the point?

We need to think about why we take photos.

First and foremost they are memories or snapshots of our lives and our experiences to share with others.

As such our photos reflect our experiences and our memories so they are going to be unique to us even if there are photos of the same thing out there that “appear” better.

People are seeing so many great images that they all begin to look the same, it is the personal touch of you sharing your experiences that makes them great and relevant to your life and your friends.

The next reason for photography is to relax and enjoy yourself, if you are an outdoors person it is a chance to get outdoors and emerge ourselves in nature, for those who are into portraits, it is a change to meet and connect with people.

Regardless of how the photographs turn out, the act of taking the photo is where the joy of photography is. It allows us to forget everything else and just take time to be totally in the moment. This has a great healing component for the body and the soul.

“But I love photography and want to be good enough to make some money from it,” I hear you say.

This is where the asthetics and techniques of photography comes in and the only way to be a really good photographer is to practice

One of the great photographers once said you will not succeed until you have taken 10,000 photos. Why? Because first we have to learn our craft, then we need to study the masters and then we need to develop our own style.

For some people finding their style comes naturally for others it takes time and elvolves as we progress. The same applies to the techniques of photography, some people have a natural flair and some have to work harder, but at the end of the day it is the one who is still out there taking images after 10,000 photos that will be the one making money.

Selling your work contains a few processes. First and foremost we need a market, who would be interested in purchasing your work and why? Then we need to successfully shoot and process the images and then we need to know how to market that product.

When I look back on my early work that I sold in an online stock agency I cringe at all the things I can see wrong in the images, but I made money. How? I marketed my images so people knew where to look. In amongst the cringe worthy were some great images:)

I know know that when it comes to sharing your work you are only as good as your worst image, so if you are looking at setting up a proffessional portfolio you need to look carefully at your images, but you also need to believe in yourself and back yourself.

I would encourage you to never give up, firstly because you are making irriplaceable memories that no one else can create and secondly for the great healing capacity photography has.

Finally we need to know it’s okay to make mistakes, we all do it, like getting that totally blurred image or that horizon that is tilted and many, many more. most proffessional photographers will never show you their photos straight out of the camera, it would show up all the mistakes, it is like seeing a half finished painting, it has potential but needs finishing.

I have a freind I go out shooting native orchids with, these are tiny delecate wild flowers that move in the slightest breeze and are illegal to pick. She says, “how come you always get nice photos and mine a blurred.” I laugh and tell her I take more images. Where she will take five images of a flower I will take 10, then I will look at them on the LCD a screen and if I don’t think I’m quite there I will take 10 more and so the odds of me getting that perfectly focused image are greatly enhanced. (By the way she also has great images, but like all of us she sees the bad ones more clearly than the good ones.)


Hybrid terrestial orchid. These are about an inch or 3cm across. Tiny gems of nature.









I have been doing photography for over 20 years and I am still learning everyday, so I would encourage you, don’t give up, get out and take photos for the joy of it and to create the memories to share with others and with time and practice you will look back and see how much you have improved.

For those of you who would like to learn more of the techniques and understand how to take a better photo I would highly recommend Digital-photo-secrets Dash course. It is very affordable and has options for beginners all the way to advanced.

Here is the link if you want to learn more.

For those of you doing the Dash I would encourage you to compare apples with apples, by that I mean if you are a beginner don’t compare your photos with someone who is advanced.

Remeber photography is all about getting out there and having FUN!!!

Happy shooting.