New Skate Park in Busselton

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There is great happenings afoot in good old Busso, what with all the foreshore redevelopment, miles and miles of bike tracks, a great history that you can learn about at the old courthouse and yes,t he latest edition the HUGE skate park.

When I say HUGE i have not been to many so you will need to check it out for yourself. It has tow bowls, a smaller on and a larger very deep one as well as lots of skate tracks with all manner of aids to jumping and doing tricks off.


skate park

small bowl, skate park Busselton







This is the small bowl and looks like a lot of fun. Before I go on though I want to add a little word about safety. Please all wear your helmets, one fall can do a lot of damage. The sprinklers are making some of the ramps slippery at the moment so be aware that it is dangerous to use the park when it is wet. The sprinklers are being adjusted and as of next week most will only come on at night, which brings me to the problem of people breaking the sprinklers, they are quite close to the path so please be aware of them and stay away from them. One broken sprinkler can have the bowl wet for hours which is not what you want. Finally this is a great facility that Busselton has provided free for everyone, so please clean up after yourselves. There are bins, shelters and water refill points so there is no excuse to leave rubbish behind.

filtered water

water, bins and shelter









Ok back tot he fun stuff…and notice he has on a helmet!


Skater coming out of the bowl ad getting airborne








The park is for everyone from the smaller kids on bikes and scooters, to the bigger kids and adults on boards.

Busselton skatepark

Artwork and part of the skating area


More of the track









There are smaller areas where younger kids and beginners can find their feet.

skate park

smaller area








And there is even somewhere to keep up your basketball skills.


Basketball halfcourt









And finally the big bowl….

Large bowl

Big bowl, can”t wait to see some skill happening here.







So I hope you check this out next time you are down in Busselton. It is park of the foreshore precinct. To drive there head down Queen street, the main drag through town and then at the end of the paved section of road turn right at the roundabout, go to the next roundabout and turn left. This is also the way to the Jetty and The Goose for the time being as more construction is under way.

Something new to enjoy as well as all the old favorites. if you fancy a walk to the end of the jetty there is now a direction and distance pole there to places all over the world as well as a spot for a selfie that tells you how far you are out to sea.



Best Apps for Photography mostly Free

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We all love the apps that make life easier for us.

These are some must have apps, to help you as a photographer.

Dropbox is a great way to transfer large files and it’s free! Works on your computer as well. I use this to send all my large files to clients, As it’s free to download it works exceptionally well.

The Photographers Ephemeris this is a cost app, between $5 and $9 but well worth it for any serious photographer. Helps you plan your outdoor shots, shows sunrise and sunset directions wherever you are. Available for Apple or Android.

Easy Release is another cost app, it is $9.99 for both Apple and Android, but worth it if you take photos that need a model release. There are quite a few apps available, this is the one I use.

Pocket Light meter is a free app for Apple, it’s fine, but if you want a bit fancier one try FotometerPro ro $0.99
For Android users beeCam Light Meter is a freebie.

Camera Professional Effects by Fresh touch. -Free-
As a pro photographer are you always frustrated to not have manual settings when using your iPhone for quick images. Well this one gives you some of those, slow shutter, burst, freeze the moment, countdown timer and more. Great addition.

My Shot List -$0.99 is another great one, it has categories for each type of shoot and then a list of must have shots, to make sure you don’t miss any, check box beside each one. Also helps you think outside the box.

Field Tools -Free- A free Focal length calculator, very quick and easy, you can get more in depth ones, but this one is free.

Now with phones having such good cameras you can use them to take pictures and these apps will help.

Photography 101 (free tutorials) -Free- Great for beginners.

Adobe Photoshop -Free- a great way to edit photos taken with mobile device and then share direct to fb, twitter, G+ or email.

Photo Editor by Aviary is Free for Android users.

Transphotos -Free- this is for those of you who love to display their photos in scrapbook format, now your iPhone or ipad can be your scrapbook

PicsArt Photo Studio -Free_ available for Apple and Android. Editing app.

Secret Photo and Video Manager Lite: My Private Picture App for iPhone -Free- this saves you scrolling through all your photos to find the one you want, you can sort them into categories.

There are lots of fun apps for you to play around with, so check out the free ones and see which ones you like the best.

Have some fun putting these apps through their places and then give me some feedback on your favourites.