Great course at 50% OFF, be quick so you don’t miss out.

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This is a letter from David Peterson letting me know of a great discount on his course.

It is such a great offer for beginner or intermediate photographers that I wanted to pass the opportunity onto all of you.

David is the owner and creator of digital-photo-secrets and “The Dash” program.

I would encourage anyone who wants to learn more and do it at there own pace to have a look at this video series.

Here is the letter:

Hi, Today, I was given an ultimatum… As a growing number of photographers worldwide have embraced my products, I’ve been spending more and more time in my home-office. Writing photography articles; handling customer support; paperwork etc.

Over time, my wife has been seeing less and less of me. Today she walked in and said “Enough is enough! Today’s Sunday! Time to get a proper office and some staff so you don’t need to work on weekends. I’m kicking you out.”

Of course, she is right. I love my wife and I do want to spend more time with her. So I’ve set myself the challenge to move the business into a separate office, and find an assistant by the end of July.

However, it’s way more expensive than I expected. Gulp! To make sure it happens (and to help calm my nerves), I’m calling a snap sale.


For a limited time, I’m offering you my complete Digital Photography Video Course for 50% off – an insanely good deal.

And it’s also a win-win. You’ll get a HUGE discount on a terrific course, and I can start looking for an office.

In the course, you’ll receive step-by-step training that will transform the quality of your photos.

Because I understand what you want to know about how your camera works to get the shots you want. – Create visually appealing images with simple composition tricks. – Quickly take awesome photos in 11 common situations. – Eliminate blurry photos forever. – And much much more! And you’ll still get all the generous bonuses.

The videos are paced to your speed, with hands on learning. All in non-technical plain English! Get your hands on this unexpected deal here:

Don’t miss out. The sale ends on 23rd June. I appreciate your help in giving me my weekends back. And my wife will thank you as well!

Yours in Photography,


P.S. I’ve never offered this course for this low price before, and because of the circumstances, probably never will again. So don’t miss out. Purchase before the 23rd June when the price goes back up.

New Camera, where do I start?

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This is a question I am often asked.

We upgrade either because our old camera died or because we want a camera with more options or some lovely person buys us a fantastic gift, but suddenly we are looking at something that seems to talk a different language to the one we are used to.

My first instruction is going to sound really basic and overwhelming at the same time, but keep reading.

Firstly, read the manual….I know it’s huge or only online or full of goobly gook.

So read one section or chapter at a time, holding the camera as you do. Look at where it tells you each function is and find that before moving on. This is an excercise in familiarizing yourself with something new. You may not remember where everything is, but you will know where to go to find it.

Affter the first instructions on where things are and what they do, read one section at a time and then go and try it. If it is talking about the different programs, set up a scene, it can just be a chair on the deck and take a photo of this using all the different settings, go and load them on he computer and go through them looking at the difference in each.

I would suggest you keep working through your manual, even if only a section each week, read it and then put it into practice. This will familiarize you with this particular cameras features and abilities

Having done this, especially the first bit, I would suggest you look at taking a course. The reason you have upgraded or got a new camera is usually connected to the fact that you want to take better shots. Just as buying a new oven will not make you a better chef, buying a new camera will not make you a better photographer, however with the right tools you can let your craft shine, but first you need to learn that craft

I have been a photographer for over 20 years and have done numerous photography courses and training and yet I am still constantly learning. You want a course ideally that is affordable and where you will receive feedback from pro photographers or coaches, so that if you get stuck you don’t end up getting frustrated, instead you get help.

There is a course I would highly recommend, it is run by Digital-photo-secrets and is called “The Dash”

I took the course myself to see if it was one I would recommend and was amazed at how much I learnt. I am now one of the coaches for this course. Why this course, firstly it is affordable at as low as $19/month. Each month is a course In Itself and you have the option of a coach. This option costs a bit more but is a lot, lot less than it would cost you to hire a photographer even for an hour. If it is more than you can afford then ask family or friends to give it to you as a gift. Doing the course without the one on one of a photo coach is still very worthwhile.

Am I just promoting what I am involved in? No, the reason I work with the students in this course is that it is a course that works for people who are just starting out right through to the professionals. You will be amazed at the change it will bring to your photography.

NT Wildlife park


The course also offers three levels for each challenge, beginner, intermediate and advanced, so there is something for everyone.

Whether you opt for this course or a different one, I encourage you to do a course that will hone your skills or teach you the skills in the first place if you are new to photography.

What if I don’t have the time or the money?  Don’t worry! If you have a camera, even if it is just a phone you can go out and start taking pictures. Photography to me is one of the healing arts, if you are in pain, lonely, at a loss of where to go in life or anywhere in between, grabbing the camera and going outside has a real healing quality. It helps us to forget ourselves and just be. Even if you can only go to the back yard, you will be amazed at the world you will discover.

So I would encourage you to get out and play, even if you only use the automatic or scene settings to begin with, get out there and start to discover the joy of photography. If you want help or some motivation and direction have a look here. I would be honored to walk part of your photography journey with you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask

April Dash

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Registrations are open for the April Dash. Click here:. The Photography Dash


reflections at sunset

This one is on Landscapes and Sunsets, so to all you who have said I wish I could take photos like yours, now is the time.  After you sign up you will have the option to have gold or premium upgrades which mean you get professional photographers to critique your images, and yes I am one on the coaches, so you can even request me if you want!!!!

The Photography Dash

a palm frond frame


Get in quick as there are only limited places in Gold and Platinum.

It’s Here!!!! The Photography Dash

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Improve Your Photography With The Photography Dash

Do you want to take photos you can proudly show everyone?

Do you want people to look at your images and go WOW, this is great?

Do you read everything you can about photography, but still can’t translate that into better photos.

Are you frustrated that when you are following tips or advise, it never turns out quite right?

Busselton Jetty

This is an image of the Busselton Jetty at night and it’s to remind me to share my blessings with the world


This is an image I took in my first dash!!!



Guess what, you can take images like this, because you can have a professional photographer alongside you in the dash, telling you what you did right and where you went wrong and telling you how you can get it right, then having the opportunity to retake the image and get the professional photographer to then let you know how you went!!!

Most people can’t afford this because it would be hugely expensive….but this is where the photo dash comes in. You can join the photo-dash for as little as $19-50!!! (if you choose both topics) and then during checkout you will be offered an upgrade to gold or premium.

These are the levels that you get personal critiquing by either 1 professional photographer (Gold level ) or 2 professional photographers (Platinum level) and you can have this for….drum roll….less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!!!!

Check out all the details below. The dashes run for 1 month at a time and there are 6 months planned, so you can look at exactly what is on offer. You can just do one dash or you can do them all!!!

The Photography Dash

Oh did I forget to mention….I am one of the photographers who will be critiquing your images along with two other great photographers in America. My love is nature in all her forms, Dalisa’s is Portraiture and Becki is a Californian who has a strong background in photography including an associate in arts degree in commercial photography.

Although we all have areas that we specialize in we are all professional photographers who do all aspects of photography, but as a photographer you will find you will generally be drawn to a certain type of photography. Once you have learnt all the basics and have a full toolbox you can try all the different subjects and pick one that appeals to you.

Whether you just want to take better photos of the kids or you have a special once in a lifetime holiday coming up or you want to become a professional, then this dash is for you.

Oh and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. we tailor it to your needs and it also doesn’t matter what type of camera you have, you can even learn on a phone camera!!!

So have a look by clicking on the link below and if you have any questions just ask me and I will be happy to answer them.

The Photography Dash


adifferent view

The underside of Busselton Jetty