Angelic Messages for You

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Hi, I am so excited to be entering a new phase of my life. As most of you know I have been through some major life changes in the last 18 months and have been searching for direction.

Don’t you just love those “Ahha” moments when everything clicks into place and you know what it is you are her to do.

A lot of you who know me may know that apart from my photography my other passions included Reiki (I am a Reiki master), aromatherapy, crystals, crystal readings and reflexology.

From as young as I can remember I have always had psychic abilities, however at that time I just assumed everyone did. It wasn’t until my late teens that I became aware that I was different from a lot of other people.

I couldn’t believe that everyone didn’t see angels and didn’t have an intimate relationship with the Divine.

It made me sad to realize that so many people struggled through this world alone unaware of the help and comfort that was available to them.

Never alone

angels always watching over us









At first I tried to share it with others through religion, but I then realized that religion was man made, God wasn’t. However when I used the word God people automatically think you are religious so what was the answer.

My son, now in his early 30s asked me how I would describe the being I called God or the Divine. I described him and he said oh you mean “Love-Light Man.”

I loved this because that is exactly how I had experienced the Divine, a being of unconditional love and light. Total love and total acceptance.

I wanted a way to share the help I had received with others but the help I got was for me and my situation, how could I help them in their situations.

I had used Angel Oracle Cards for years for myself and doing readings for friends and I realized this was a way I could deliver messaged and show people the help that was available for them in their situation.

I undertook a number Angel Oracle Training classes and realized this was what I was meant to do.

So you will see my website now shows the name Angelic Messages for you and Photography by Julia K Harwood.

Natural spa

This is a place I go to where I feel safe and protected, so I wanted to convey this feeling in the image of the beautiful pool









I have always seen my art and photography as bringing healing into peoples lives, this is just adding another layer to that.

This is quite a long post so I will leave it there….but stay in touch…good things are coming…..

Cheat sheet – general photography

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Not really cheating, more like memory jogging:)


Horizontal Falls, Western Australia

I find that there are so many things to remember when you are learning photography that you remember some and get them perfect only to realize you had missed something else, so what can we do?

I have lists in my phones note section that are like cue cards to help me remember. When I first started photography, way before mobile phone days, I would read my cue cards to put everything fresh in my mind before I went out on a photography shoot.

Now I shoot all the time, I don’t need them so much, but as I specialize in nature and landscape, I still have notes on portraiture, children, sports, etc, so if I am doing one of these, I always read my cheat sheets to make sure everything is fresh in my mind.

So let me share some basic cheat sheets:

General -applies all the time

Before leaving home checklist


– check batteries and charged and have a spare (CH), Clean your camera lens and take a microfibre cloth

– check memory card and make sure I have a spare formatted one. (M)

– Phone and some money (you never know when you might need them, especially change   for parking meters) (P,M)


-Tripod, flash,filters, remote shutter release, any other accessories (A)

Main checklist for taking photos

– Check your settings especially ISO and IS (image stabilization)

– Walk around the object or area looking at different angles, don’t forget high and low.

– Where is the sun? Which way are the shadows falling?

– Can I see my shadow in the shot?

– Frame your image and look around viewfinder or screen for anything that takes away, distracts from subject? (trees growing out of heads, rubbish in the shot, eye snags at edge of frame  etc)

– Move closer.

– Check your horizon is straight.

-Which composition rule are you using, rule of thirds, golden ratio, spiral, rule of odds? (To  learn more on these go to of-composition/)

– Are there any interesting colours, patterns, textures?

– Can I create a leading line?

– Is there something I can use for foreground interest, if not should I move closer?

– Try a different angle, lay down on the ground or find something to stand on.

– What is the main character or object I am photographing?

– What is the story I want to tell about that person or object?

– Is there anything in the shot that distracts from the story I’m trying to tell?

– Take a shot, check the screen, does it look how I imagined?

– Do I need to change the settings?

– Would it be better with a larger depth of field or a smaller one? Change the f stop.  F2=narrow depth of field, f11=large depth of field

– do I want to freeze the action or create silky water? Am I using the right shutter speed?

– Is the shot a bit blurry? Do I need a tripod or can I use a higher shutter speed or ISO?

– Take another photo and re check, when happy fire away, take lots from different angles,  take some from further away and some from close up. This gives you options for post  processing.

Surfs up

Jackes Point Kalbari Western Australia

That’s it for general, in the next post I will add cheat sheets for specific areas such as portrait, night photography, animals,children etc.