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Well after 4300km Rosie is ready to rest up for a bit, so we are stopping in Darwin for a few weeks.

We are camped up on families block and loving being part of the family and getting to spend time with the kids again.


cow, goat and kids








Last night was Friday 13th and a full moon. When this happens it is said to be a Strawberry Moon, so needless to say I had to have a photo.

full moon darwin

full moon 13th Friday









I created this image by setting up my tripod, setting the camera to 8 sec at f5.6 and then used my timer function set to 2 sec as my remote shutter release is broken. Once the shutter opened I then used my head torch to paint with light over the bushes in the front of the image so that you could see them.

Yesterday we visited the national park in Howard Springs. It is great, lots to do, but you need to have long clothes and lots of mossie spray if you want to do the monsoon walk, so we left that for another day.

We decided to visit Crocodylus while we were here, this is a crocodile park with a zoo. I loved seeing all the animals but was very saddened to see the animals held in small enclosures. It is like we had stepped back in time to when people thought it was okay to keep animals in cramped unnatural environments.

above and below the water

crocodiles eye out of water







I got some great photos of the lioness while we were there. The trick to photographing through glass or wire is to get as close to the glass or wire as you can and then focus on the animal in the enclosure. This throws the glass or wire out of focus and it doesn’t show in the image. It is also best to use a shallow depth of field, an f2.8 or f4 as this will allow you to throw the background out of focus so that you don’t see the back of the enclosure.

lioness looking at me

She’s watching you


Lioness yawning












While here I also visited Kakadu, to read about the trip go to http://www.juliaharwood.com/kakadu/

We also visited Berry Springs Nature Reserve which has a huge hot pools area. It is only body temp, so not hot but very pleasant, although it is quite deep so I recommend you take a noodle or other flotation device so that you can really enjoy it. they also have a grassed area, bar-b-que’s and a small shop.

waterfall berry springs

waterfall at Berry spring







We also visited the territory Wildlife Park which is a bit further along the same road and this is a wildlife park I would totally recommend, not only are the enclosures more what you would expect of our modern age, they even had a train that picks you up and drops off at each exhibit. They have a great playground and a cafe.

We got to see a great bird of prey show. As well as walk through an aviary in a monsoon forest and see a crocodile and other marine life in the aquarium.

NT Wildlife park










We spent lots of time with our Niece and Nephew and their children and extended family, it was a great time of getting to know the kids better and spending time with everyone.

They have Territory Day on the 1st July and this is the one day that it is legal to buy and set off fireworks, we had a big fireworks display with only a few duds and a couple falling over and causing some serious ducking and diving.

fireworks territory day 2

Territory day










Darwin is a great place to spend time in the dry season, in the wet it is very humid and not what I would like. Busselton in Summer and North in winter is definitely the way to go if you have the choice.