Rosie part 2

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We traveled to Sandfire roadhouse and decided to stop for a toilet break. Sandfire is a very appropriate name as in summer he sand is so hot that it is like fire. Well we finally found some tourists, there are about 20 vehicles here, caravans, boats, camper trailers, trucks and us.

Sandfire has a few peacocks walking around and I was able to photograph a white one.  A quick photo tip: when photographing something white always underexposed the image a little so that you don’t end up with an image that looks like a bright white blob.

white peacock

photographing white

overexposed white image

This is a correctly exposed white peacock, we can see the details in the feathers




This is the overexposed image.





They also have a little water garden, an oasis in the desert and an old machinery area, where hey have old engines, old fuel browsers, old trucks and more. They also have heaps of signs that they have collected over the years.

While we were there an indigenous family were having something to eat and the older man, an elder, was staring in contemplation out into the distance. He had so many lines in his face, it was like he pages of a book and I dare say he could share as many stories. I politely asked if he would mind if I took his photo, he said, okay and then his family started giving him a good natured ribbing, “Oh, you gonna be a movie star” and the like, I smiled and took a couple of pictures. I would have loved to have sat down with them and had a yarn, but Colin was waiting and Rosie was wanting to get those wheels turning again, so I thanked them and left.








We are driving through station country at the moment, we have passed Anna Plains, Neta Down and Shallamar. We are now driving through Shamrock Market Gardens and Bidgedanga. They mainly grow watermelons in this area.

Colin used to call in at these stations to deliver mail and supplies and pick up melons for the Perth markets.

Just before you get to. Roebuck, there is the Roebuck plains and at certain times of the day when the sun is low in the sky you can see the yachts racing off in the distance just like the yachts in the shot below.

roebuck plains

sail boats







We stopped at Roebuck for an icecream and I checked the internet to see if any students had uploaded, for those of you who don’t know I. Do photo coaching/critique for The Dash, there were 7 photos needing my attention, so I downloaded them so I can work on them tonight and then post my reviews when we come into range again. The joys of being on the road.

I brought a 12v adapter for my laptop so I could work when we didn’t have power, so I plugged it in and blew a fuse, unfortunately this is also for our car cam, our GPS and for charging our phones, so I am not very popular at the moment. Hopefully Colin can fix it when we pull up for the night.

Fortunately we passed some cars in the variety bash, so that diverted Colin’s attention.


Ralley car

Variety bash car







We are headed for Nillibubbica parking area for the night.

It is already blisteringly hot. Only a few days till Katherine and the natural springs to revive the body in.