Rosie part 3

We camped the night and when we got up there was a fifth wheeler with on it, so naturally I had to go over and have a yarn.
He built the helicopter and fifth wheeler himself and is traveling around OZ. He has video cameras attached to the helicopter and has captured some amazing footage, be sure to go over to his blog and have a look.

Colin managed to fix the 12 volt plug, it was a wire that had come loose, so everything is working again.
It is often the little things on the road that get to you, the big things you handle, the little things seem to take time and be the most annoying.

My back is really playing up today, I have been taking extra pain killers since we left Perth, but I had a bad night last night, so today we are only doing a short run of about 300km.
Most caravans only travel 300km a day, however in the bus it is much more comfortable, with air ride suspension and captains seats, that I can lay back like a bed and sleep as we travel.

We have passed a lot of cattle on the road this morning. You learn that on the road the cattle have right of way, they are big heifers and will even wreck a truck, so you have to be extra vigilant and only travel during daylight hours.

It is another beautiful day with blue sky’s as far as the eye can see. There are lots of termite or white ant mounds all along the trip, but up past Broome they build them facing east west so that the sun has the smallest face to shine on, so they stay cooler. It is truely amazing how nature works.

white ant hill

termites minimize sun








We have just seen our first lot of water in the creeks. We are between Broome and Derby and when the built the road they had to build the ground up as it is all flood plain. So the holes they look the dirt out of are now man made lakes, one is called Ski Lake, we didn’t see any skiers.

Up here they have 1 lane bridges, that means only one vehicle can cross at a time, so as you approach the bridge you have to stop and wait for any traffic coming towards you on the bridge and when it is clear you can go. Last year at the first one there was a head on between two trucks and one caught fire, it was a real mess.

We just saw a bush turkey, first one for the trip. We have seen a lot of wedge tail eagles as well, they are huge, magnificent birds.

We stopped at Fitzroy. Crossing for lunch and there were about 50 kites hanging around, Colin threw them some chips and I took heaps of photos, sometimes they came so low over our heads you could hear and feel the wind on their wings.




Photo tip for today:- when shooting moving animals or children use the burst mode on your camera you have more chance of capturing that special moment.



We decided on a shorter day today so pulled up at Nungumban cliff rest area, it is perched atop a cliff, great for getting photos and watching the sunset. Someone in one of the caravans had a guitar and he was playing it and singing as we watched the sun set for another day.

Cliff top sunset

Sunset over station







I got up and took a few photos at sunrise and then prepared for the day. About 7:30am a black dog wandered into camp.
When we pulled up last night we noticed a sign on the toilets saying there was a young female dog all on it’s own and if it showed up please give it some food and water, so we figured that it was her, she was very timid, a beautiful looking dog. We gave her some chicken and a tin of Tuna and refilled her water bowls, hopefully someone coming through will adopt her.

Photo: This dog is on it's own and is very friendly. We gave her food and water. She is at the Cliff top rest area between Fitzroy and halls Creek. Please share with your friends, if no one rescues her, she will die a slow lonely death.

I put a message on FB and hopefully the right people will see it and rescue her.

Today it is on to Kununurra.

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