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We stopped in at Halls Creek, topped up the fuel at $1:97, glad we didn’t need to fill up. We met some people here who are also heading for Darwin, they work at the. Motor racing for the Red Bull team, setting up and selling merchandise. We had a coffee and a yarn and then hit the road again. I have rung ahead and booked into Katherine on Monday so that we can have a few days by the hot springs before heading into Darwin. It is another beautiful sunny day but there is quite a breeze which is nice for keeping us cool, but not good for fuel economy. We stopped at Warmman, the old Turkey Creek and caught up with Anne and John from this morning, they are stopping a few days in Kununnura, but we are pushing on. Most of the creeks we are crossing still have some water in them and the bush is quite green, this is unusual and would be from the late rains they got a few weeks ago. The breeze has dropped off a bit and it is getting quite warm. We just passed some wild horses on the side of the road, the first I have seen in 5 years, but I was too slow getting the camera out and we were past them. One of the joys of traveling with a truckie, they hate stopping unless they have to. Well we made it into. Kununurra, even had time to grab some supplies, fueled up, topped up the water, camped out and then back on the road again. Kununuura has a large indigenous population which gives it a real outback feel. There are black red tail cockatoos in the Main Street where they love the seeds on the trees. We saw the sun beginning to set over the sleeping Buddha. I love the outback skies, the sky goes red and yellow at the horizon and the rest of the sky takes on a purple hue. When you see a sunset like this you know you are up in the Kimberley, a typical desert sunset. desert sunset NT     Oopps, very squeezy, just entered roadworks and right in the middle of the cutting you meet a 5.2m oversize load. The photo of the rock is out my window, we were over as far as we could go and the other picture is Colin’s side as the truck literally squeezed through. All’s well that ends well.

Over width vehicle

Truck coming towards us

This was the truck with the 5.2 m load, see how much of the road he takes up!

Outside my window

Rock cutting

This is looking out my window.

Holding our breath

Looking out Colin window

This is out Colin’s window.       We were both holding our breathe…well I was anyway. We have just crossed the border, we are now in the Northern Territory where the max speed is 130km/hr for most part and some sections have an open speed limit. We also just went from 8am to 9:30am in a split second. I know time flies, but that’s ridiculous! We decided to camp out just short of Katherine and go in in the morning, so we pulled up at Mathison roadside camp, it was very dry and there had been a fire, so lots of burnt ground, but once we settled in there was a nice breeze and I decided to go and create some photos. I say ‘go and create’ as to look on the surface there was nothing worth photographing. I wandered down the station fence line and was amazed at the termite mounds that had started under the fence, when they reached the barbed wire they just built around it and kept going. Fascinating how they seemed un fazed by the obstacle and just went on is if nothing was there.

barbed wire fence with ant hill


The other thing that intrigued me was all the different shapes of the anthills, they were like sculptures in a barren land. Then as I looked around. I noticed the green shoots growing on blackened trees, life regenerating itself, like the phenix rising from the flames.

new life


Photo tip: when you want to accentuate something get in close with a narrow depth of field (f1.4-f4) as this will throw any distractions in the background out of focus and the viewer will be drawn to the object you are highlighting with your focus point. After this I headed back to the bus and we had a nice relaxing avo catching up on the episodes of home and away we had missed:) I didn’t have to do any work as we didn’t have any internet!! We got up the next morning and casually prepared to head into Katherine, we are booked into Riverview which is right at the top of the hot springs, so I am looking forward to going in ASAP. As soon as we got into phone range the phone beeped with a message from the bank saying that a hold had been put on my credit card due to suspected fraudulent activity. So I rang them straight away and they said someone had used the card multiple times at the Ord Co Op for 100s of dollars one after the other……the joys of having duel fuel tanks that hold 200 liters each. We had filled up the bus which is about $600 and so the ‘Eagle’ Anz security had swooped into action and froze the account. We laughed and explained that yes it was us and wasn’t fraudulent and they unblocked the account. Good to see they are on the ball and looking after our security and money. We arrived in at Katherine at 10am and were able to check into the park early, so I left Colin to set up while I went down to the hot pools for a soak. They are so beautiful. katherine hot pool 2014           When I came back, after a shower, we headed into town to MacDonalds for lunch and to try and use some free wifi. The wifi enabled us to download our emails, but was too slow for me to be able to access the photo Dash site, so after an hour of frustration we headed back to the bus so I could set up my personal hotspot and get my work done. We ended up heading to the Barra Cafe for tea. The food was lovely, but what makes the place so special is the murals painted on the walls. It took the artist 9mths to paint it and in each panel she hid a butterfly for you to find. I had great fun taking photos and looking for butterflies. Photo tip: try to look what is in the image that shouldn’t be there and remove it if possible or otherwise crop it out. See the image with Colin in it, you will see the high chairs in the background that take away from the shot.  Normally I would clone this out:)) Of to bed now, night night.

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