Relief from Chronic Pain, stress and anxiety

Do you suffer from chronic pain, stress or anxiety?
I have just been reading a book and doing a workbook called Zero Pain Now, by Adam Heller. I wish I had of known this stuff years ago!!!

As you may know I suffer with pain from injuries, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Although the regime I am on helps to control the pain, I was faced with constant breakthrough pain which became very debilitating. Since reading the book and doing the exercises in the workbook I have found that a lot of my pain is related to my emotions. This made sense when I read it because when I am stressed angry or upset, the pain is definitely amplified. 

But even more important, is that I now have a way to deal with it and that is not by stuffing it down or bottling it up.

Following the technique shared by Adam I have been able to release my emotions when they occur. I can acknowledge them and through his technique I can let them go. I have discovered that when I acknowledge and release my emotions my pain level decreases.

I am finding I am able to accomplish so much more in my day and I also feel like I have some control over the pain which for someone with long term pain, this is incredible.

By doing the workbook I have also learned many things about myself that I hadn’t realized before.

For me this is an ongoing journey, but I wanted to encourage you to check out his book at

I just wish I had known about this years ago.

Red red rose

This is how I feel right now, like a rose bud who has found some warmth and light and is just beginning to bloom.

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