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I hope you are all having a great weekend. it is a long weekend in Western Australia so we are having a relaxing few days.

I have just released my new book on Composition. It is the sixth in hte series “Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer”. They are available as ebooks or paperback. Just go to amazon and type in Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer and it will bring up all the books in the series so far.

Composition is one of the main building blocks of photography, so this book is a bit longer and a bit more detail and will give you a great base to build your photography on.

I have also started adding photos to Pixoto and they have awesome acrylic blocks and the photos look amazing. You can visit my site here

Red bubble also has started doing scarfs, these are beautiful large scarfs at a very reasonable price with your favorite image on them. go here and have a look at one

NT Wildlife park

I love these little guys so thought I share him with you.









I am continuing with the books and am about half way through, my health is a real struggle, but I have recently got a spa and it helps a lot. Hope you are all well.

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