Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

I wanted to wish each and every one of you a great Christmas. I know for some of you Christmas is a hard time and know theat I will be thinking of you.

For all those who have family and friends to share Christmas with, take a moment to think if there is anyone you know who may be struggling this Christmas, they may have family that are in another state or country, they may have lost family, their family may works away, if you know anyone who will be without a loved one this Christmas, try to add them to your day, often a phone call, dropping in for a drink or asking them to come with you to your family celebrations can be a lifesaver.

I know you will all be taking lots of pictures, remember the less flash the better, try to get people outside in the light for family photos or if you have to use a flash, try to bounce it off the ceiling, if you only have a camera with a pop up flash, grab some baking paper and an elastic band and put this over the flash to act as a diffuser and then fire away

If you are taking photos with people in them, make sure your shutter speed is at least 1/120 sec or put the camera on portrait scene mode. If you are trying to capture the lighting and the ambience, put it on night scene mode but be aware any people may be blurred unless you tell them to be nice and still.

Finally just a reminder to take a moment to think about the reason for the season.

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