Disappointed with some of your photos?

How often have you got home from a trip or a fantastic day out and loaded your pics ready to show them to your family and friends and you look at them on the computer screen and realize they aren’t showing what it was really like?

You are so disappointed, because you wanted them to share the great time you had.

Well despair no more, there is a way you can learn to bring the photos back to life.

All those photos of special moments that you have sitting on your computer¬†but haven’t done much with them, we will show you how to make them the best they can be in this months “Photo Dash” (see the link below)

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I was down the beach taking a sunset photo¬†and somebody walked past and said, “the photos never looks as good as the real thing.”Without thinking, I said,”mine do.”

Red at night shepherds delight

This was taken 20 mins after sunset as the red filled the sky.







She stopped and gave me a real look of surprise. I realized afterwards that I probably sounded really conceited, but it wasn’t meant to be, my images do look like it was. So that made me once again realize that not everyone knows how to achieve this.

But you can learn.

Not only can you fix the photos you already have, if you do both streams of the Dash then we will actually help you to improve the shots you actually take in the first place as well, in the Dash Blend.

Have you done photo courses before, but didn’t finish them, you got stuck on something and it all seemed too hard?

Choose the Gold or Platinum options you will get offered after you have signed up and you will have a professional photographer to be your coach and to walk beside you through the course.

They will be your personal coach, to answer your questions, show you what you can change and even help you with your particular area of interest.

Surely a professional photographer as a coach for a month will cost an arm and a leg?

NO, for the price of a cup of coffee a day you are able to have this great opportunity.

What are you waiting for, click on the banner below and get your camera ready for the 1st May.

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