It’s begun, 2018

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Yes another year has started and I am excited to see what it brings.

I plan on continuing with my digital art and am opening a small gallery at my house.

Hopefully I will have this up and running within the next few weeks. I will let you know details as they happen.

Have you been out enjoying your photography?

Did you get some great Christmas photos?

I hope so. If you like what you got but want to improve I am available for individual coaching, just email me at and we can go from there.

If you received Photoshop for a present or if you have had it a while but want to learn how to use it better, I can help you. I work on your photo with you, so you are learning how to use Photoshop with your images as well as I will give you advice on how to improve the shot when you are actually taking it.

I hope your 2018 is one filled with happiness, love and joy.

Remember we can always find the treasures in life if we stop and look for them.

Alternate view of the heavenly dimension

the Eye of God

This is my latest art piece, hope you enjoy it.

Or another piece you might like:-

Born free

Born to ride

Tis the Season

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Yes it is that time of year again…

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas and to thank you for being part of my life.

As you will know this year has been very difficult but I am still here, I am still living and I am beginning to thrive again.

No matter what life throws at us, we can face it and more than that we can overcome it….for those of you who don’t think I know what I am talking about, the fact that my husband was diagnosed with terminal leukemia and then four day later we lost our house to a fire and everything we owned and then less than 5 months later my husband passed away, so I think this allows me to say that we can overcome it, I am living proof of that.

I have had to walk the cancer path with the chemo thrown in, then buried my best mate, my rock, my lover and then try to rebuild first a house to live in and then a life to live.

I learnt a strange thing….the more you lose the easier it is to let go.

After the fire I thought I would hold on tightly to everything we re bought, but none of it had any memories attached and I now knew it could all be gone in just a few minutes. When my husband died I realized the fire had been preparing me for this, it taught me that you can let go and move on, you can choose to live in the here and now and enjoy every moment or dwell on everything you have lost and be miserable.

I do have the advantage that I believe we live on after this life, so to me Colin is only a thought away now and as long as I live I am living for both of us. Yes I get sad and have moments of tears, sometimes days of feeling overwhelming grief, but I also know that this will pass and I will be ok. I also have a strong faith in God (but I am not religious) and that has been a huge help in getting me through this year, just knowing that someone knew what the future held and that there was someone who loved me and had my back.

It is having beautiful people like all of you who have made me see that I still have a purpose and as the new year begins I plan to be adding things here on a regular basis.

Thankyou for all your love and support.

Have a happy holidays and a wonderful and blessed New Year.

Never alone

angels always watching over us. In the times I felt most alone, these were the times I realized that my angels were actually right there watching over me. So this is an art piece I did to show this.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas


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Most of you know of my orchid images and love seeing them so I will add some at the end of the post as this is what this is all about.

As most of you would know from my absence that inspiration and motivation have been sadly lacking in my life since my hubby, Colin, passed away. Yes I am living, doing new things and trying to move on, but sadly inspiration and motivation have been a long way away, so what has inspired and motivated me to do this blog post?

Well a combination of two things, one a very inspirational person and two, injustice.

First let me tell you about this person who has inspired me.

He, yes it’s a good Aussie bloke, is a person who has a great love of native orchids and wildflowers in general. He has a wealth of knowledge and has found orchids that had never been photographed before as well as many new sites for some that were thought to be extinct or very close to extinction.

Now this in itself is pretty amazing, but this person doesn’t get paid for what he does, he heads out almost every day no matter what the weather and often on his own, to fight the mosquitoes, snakes and tics to survey new areas.

He could rely on what others have found, but no, he ventures out to new locations, exploring, sometimes finding very little and sometimes being greatly rewarded with a rare find.

Does this man keep the information to himself or write a book to profit from the knowledge he has gained?

No, he freely shares it with people in his Facebook Group, called “Western Australian Native Orchids.”

He has inspired a new generation of people to learn about our native orchids, to walk the bush carefully, looking where they walk, taking care when photographing so as not to disturb habitat.

He has discovered things that affect the orchids which no one previously knew.

Such as, that some of the methods of marking orchids for surveying were harming the plants and as a result, new methods have been found.

He has liaisoned with councils and raised awareness to stop habitat loss which is the greatest cause of orchids becoming endangered.

He has discovered that even using a flash can change the percentage of some flowers being pollinated.

He has shared this information freely and shown people to many sites, teaching them how to ensure we don’t harm the orchids.

Has the orchid community at large appreciated this?

Some have, but he has also been the target of much jealousy and people who want to make money doing what he does, harassing him and others in his group.

This in itself would be a great injustice, but on top of everything else his youngest son died this year, less that 3 months ago.

He has continued to be there for others as he quietly deals with his pain and grief and yet this is when some people choose to put the boots in.

What is wrong with the human race that we attack our own kind?

We see it constantly, people who give and care being attacked or vilified by others in the industry.

I would encourage each of you to think about the things you fight against and see if there is another way, can you educate people, rather than trying to control them.

Can you instill love rather than hate?

Can you be an example to others?

Terry Dunham is the man that has inspired me to write this post and I want to thank him for all the work he has done, in running the FB group, in opening up the wonderful world of native orchids to us, for giving his time and knowledge freely. For choosing to educate us, so that we too can educate our friends and the next generation, it is only as we learn to know what is around us that we will be able to preserve it.

Now I would like you to enjoy the following images.

such amazing detail

close up of the leafless orchid, aren’t the colors beautiful

Helmet Orchid

This is the tiny helmet orchid, it is about the size of a pinky fingernail and grows in moist damp areas close to the ground or in rotting tree stumps.

Tozers Bush Camp

Queen of Sheeba










Hare orchid

Hare Orchid. I left the finger in to show you the size.

Blue lady a sun orchid

Digital Art

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There has been much talk about digital art and what it is and if it is a legitimate art form.

Recently someone took someone else’s work added a few basic adjustments, such as contrast, brightness etc and entered the work in a competition as their own. This is obviously not an acceptable thing to do.

With my digital art, I take a series of images that I have shot or have the rights to use and then combine the layers. Most of my pieces have over 30 layers in them, most are over 100. This is a combination of images, textures and grunge effects. Most of my pieces are done over many, many hours, often days and weeks. This is what I refer to as digital art.

I have found it a great release for me and it has really drawn me out of my comfort zone and I have been able to create pieces that express deep meaning.

You can see some of my work here

You can learn how to do this kind of art here.

This is a piece I did on always being watched over, even in the traumatic times of my life when I felt very alone.

Never alone

Angels always watching over me.

What happens when someone dies?

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What to do after someone dies, this means if you are the spouse, family or close friend of someone who has passed and you need to know what steps to take then this is a list that I found helpful when my husband died. If possible, look around your area and choose which funeral home you would like to use and also choose which coffin or type of coffin you would like. These are hard choices for the person left behind to make.

Death at home

If someone you know dies at home it’s important to try to stay calm and don’t jump to conclusions in the stress of the moment. If the persons death was expected it’s likely that their doctor may have been in touch with you or other close friends or family to discuss what will happen, and you can call the doctor’s surgery to ask them visit as soon as possible. If the deceased doesn’t have a regular GP the police should be called instead. A doctor is needed to examine the body to attempt to ascertain the cause of death and write a medical certificate. A funeral director cannot be arranged until this certificate has been completed.

If the death is unexpected or you are not sure if the person is dead call 000 immediately and ask for an ambulance and explain as best you can what the problem is and describe the circumstances. Once the ambulance crew arrives they will either contact the person’s GP or the police. It’s important to know that if the death was unexpected, not clear, is suspicious or the person did not have a regular GP, the police must be called. In some cases the Coroner may also be involved to conduct a post mortem to determine the cause of death.

Death at a hospital or nursing home

Many people die in a hospital or nursing home – and if this is this case the staff will handle most of the formalities and will be able to guide you through what to do. Also any next of kin will be advised what steps need to be taken.

Most public and some private hospitals will have their own mortuary and the deceased can be kept there until a funeral director is appointed and the body is transferred. However smaller hospitals and most nursing homes are unlikely to have facilities so it’s important to engage a funeral director as a priority so they can transfer the deceased as soon as possible (see below).

If you are present at the death, remove all personal belongings, check pockets or ask nurse or Dr to do it, take off watch, rings, other jewelry. Check for wallet or purse and phone. (this is very hard to do so try to ask someone to do it for you)

Notify family and close friends.

Contact the funeral home.

Organize time and place of funeral.

Put notices in paper and on social media. (please if you are not the next of kin, do not post on social media until that person does or gives you the okay to. Sometimes it takes time to tell relatives, especially if they are in different countries)

Contact anyone else who needs contacting or get someone to do it for you.

Prepare clothes for funeral, the deceased as the funeral home will want these and your clothes so you know what you will wear.

If people ask what they can do to help.

Have one person make notes of what needs to be done each day and be responsible for making sure that happens.

Have one person doing phone calls, putting notices in paper etc

Have another person to run errands, like taking clothes to funeral home.

Have someone bake some cakes or buy biscuits, chocolate and fruit.

Have someone preparing meals.


You will need to (if you are next of kin)

Speak with minister or celebrant.

Prepare what you want to say at the funeral or what you would like read out on your behalf.

Have someone stay at the house for at least 2 nights after the funeral. (you may feel like you want to be alone, especially after all the funeral preperation, so explain this to the person but say you would like them to stay just in case. Sometimes it is just knowing someone is there that makes all the difference.)

After the funeral

Check details on probate form and print it out. You will need to wait until you have the death certificate and then take the probate form, the will, your drivers licence or passport  and the death certificate to get witnessed by a JP. Make 10 copies of death certificate and get them all certified by the JP, get at least 3 copies of your drivers licence and 3 copies of Probate and will. Getting them all done at once will make it easier when the different organizations ask you for copies. All copies must be certified by a JP.

(Funeral home will normally organize the death certificate.If they don’t mention it, then ask))

See financial adviser to sort out your finances, make sure you take a copy of the will. They will not be able to do anything official until you get the death certificate, but they can help you get an idea of what will happen financially. Look here to see if you are eligible for any centerlink or govt assistance

Work through list of who to contact below.

The following table lists the people and organisations you may need to contact if someone has died Person or organisation to be contacted

Have the details of any of these that you know listed, for example:

Contact person, phone number and address (if needed)

Details of person who died

(for example, account number, Medicare number)

Then start ringing or get someone to do it for you.

Australian Taxation Office 132 865

Banks,  Also while getting these details from the bank get the interest to date on all of the accounts separately and which accounts are in joint name and which in individual names (you will need this for the estate tax return)

credit unions

Centrelink payments 132 300

Child Support services 131 272

Clubs (e.g. the Returned and Services League)

Credit card/hire purchase

Department of Veterans’ Affairs 133 254

Australian Electoral Commission 132 326


Executor of the will

Foreign pension authority (if authority’s details are unknown contact Centrelink’s International Services) 131 673

Funeral bond Yes/No

Funeral insurance Yes/No

Health benefits fund

Health professionals (e.g. doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist)

Hearing centre


Insurance companies



Local council

Medicare services 132 011

Local post office


Professional bodies (e.g. solicitor, accountant)

Public Services (e.g. library)

Public Trustee

Religious advisor

Social Worker

Superannuation fund

Telecommunication providers (e.g. phones, internet)

Utilities (e.g. gas, electricity and phone companies)

Vehicle registration and licensing authorities


Power of Attorney and Guradianship

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These are the other two forms that you will need filled out before you die or become incapacitated. Once again, these are not substitutes for seeking legal or medical advice, just general advice to help with getting your affairs in order.

The power of Attorney gives the person the rights to manage your financial affairs if you become unable to and the Guardianship allows the person to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to make them yourself.

Enduring Power of Attorney

This enduring power of attorney is made on the …….day of……….2017 by …name of person… of …address….in the state of (Western Australia under section 104 of the GUARDIANSHIP AND ADMINISTRATION ACT of 1990.) replace this with what is relevant to where you live.

  1. I APPOINT ….name of Power of Attorney… of ….address…in the State of (the state where you live) as sole Attorney.
  2. I AUTHORIZE my attorney to do on my behalf anything that can be lawfully be done by an attorney.
  3. The authority of my Attorney is subject to the following restrictions – NIL
  4. I DECLARE that this power of Attorney will continue in force notwithstanding my subsequent legal incapacity.

SIGNED AS A DEED BY………………………………………………………………………….

WITNESSED BY:…………………………….          ………………………………………………

Signature of Witness                                         Signature of Witness


…………………………………….             ………………………………………

Full Name                                                                      Full Name

…………………………………                …………………………………………

Address                                                                      Address

………………………………                  ………………………………

……………………………….                ………………………………………….

Qualification                                                                    Qualification


Acceptance of Enduring Power of Attorney

I, …(name of person listed as Power of Attorney)…, The person appointed to be the power of Attorney created by the instrument on which this acceptance is endorsed accept appointment and acknowledge:-

  1. That the power of attorney is an enduring power of attorney and will continue in force notwithstanding the subsequent legal incapacity of the donor.
  2. That I will, by accepting this power of attorney be subject to the provisions of (Part 9 of the GUARDIANSHIP AND ADMINISTRATION ACT 1990.) Whatever is relevant for where you live.

Signed……………………………………………………………………….     Date …………………………………………….

Name of Person accepting to be power of Attorney. (Donee of the Power of Attorney)

Dated the _____________day of ___________________ 20____


Donor: (Name of person making this agreement)


Donee/Attorney: (name of person who is listed to act as power of attorney)



This enduring power of guardianship is made under the Guardianship and

Administration Act 1990 Part 9A on the _______day of________________2017

by ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________(Person’s name)



in the state of (state where you live) who was born on ______________________.

This enduring power of Guardianship has effect, subject to its terms, at any time I am unable to make reasonable judgments in respect of matters relating to my person.

  1. I APPOINT my ____________(relationship)________________________


        __________________________________________________(address) in

the state of (wherever the person lives) to be my enduing guardian.

     2. I AUTHORISE my enduring guardian to perform in relation to me all the functions of and enduring guardian, including making all decisions about my heath care and lifestyle.

3. My enduring guardian can only act in the following circumstances:

_______________________________(if all, just put “all circumstances”)


  1. My enduring guardian is to perform his/her functions in accordance with the following directions: _____________________________________

____________________________________(specify or put “as she/he sees fit”).

5. I have/have not* made an advance health directive at the date hereof.

(*delete as appropriate.)

SIGNED AS A DEED by:     (Signature) ________________________________

(Persons name here) ________________________________


__________________________            ______________________________

(Signature of witness )                                                            ( Signature of witness)

_____________________________________                __________________________________________

(Name of Witness)                                                                   (Name of Witness)

_____________________________________                  _________________________________________

_____________________________________                  _________________________________________

(Address of Witness)                                                               (Address of Witness)

_____________________________________                  __________________________________________

(Occupation of Witness)                                                          (Occupation of Witness)



I, ____________________________(name of person) accept the appointment of an enduring guardian.


Signed:________________________________   Dated:_________________________


Witnessed By:__________________________________              ___________________________________

Name of Witness_______________________________               ___________________________________

Address of Witness______________________________              ___________________________________

______________________________________________             ____________________________________

Occupation of Witness__________________________                ____________________________________