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How many of you have looked at getting a Canvas print and then gone, oh wow, that is so expensive? If you could afford a canvas for your wall today, what type of image would you like, scenery, family, trees, ocean, abstract, an art piece or maybe something particular that interests you?

Mostly we get what we pay for, however I have some great news. I have found a great Canvas Printer who is not only reasonably priced but also great value.

Let me add here, this company doesn’t have an affiliate programme, so I don’t get paid anything if you buy from them.

As a photographer, my images are my reputation, so when I have a canvas done for a client I have to be confident of a great product and fantastic materials.

As an extra bonus, you get 70% off the recommended retail price, that is right 70%!!!!

If there are any of my images that you like and would like on a canvas let me know and I can organize it for you.

Okay here’s the site for the canvases, go and have a look for yourself.

My images start at $50 for most regular size canvases and go up to $100 if you want the largest size. So it would be the cost of the image plus the cost of the canvas which for a 1.3m x0.9m it would be $246.70 + about $20 Postage. Not bad for a canvas that would normally cost over $1000!!!

Waves at Yeagerup

A beautiful clear healing green to bring peace and calm to your room

For some of my images go to or if there is something in particular you want contact me via the contact form and I will let you know if I can help.

River Of Life

Water flows from the earth swirling to create us, the soft colors representing a gentle transition.

Everyone has issues from time to time and this company is no different in that regards, we are all human, but they operate on the Internet and they have a live chat function on their site and so if you have a problem they are there to fix it.

The problem I have had so often on the Internet, especially with vouchers or coupons, if you have a problem you can’t find out who to speak to or their only form of contact is via email. To me that’s not good enough, I need to be able to talk to someone to sort things out.

I will give you an example, I ordered a large 1.3meters x 0.9meter canvas and it hadn’t showed up in the normal time. I spoke to someone on live chat, they looked into it while I was there and they had just received news that it had been damaged in transit. They did not deliver me a damaged product for me to follow up, they dealt with it and said another would be sent straight away.

They must have paid express postage for me to get it as quick as I did. When it arrived it had a slight crease in the canvas. I wan’t happy, my reputation was on the line. I took photos and went back to live chat. I showed them the photos and they agreed it wasn’t good enough and so are redoing it for me free of charge. Obviously this company will be losing money on this sale, but they were more interested in my being happy than what it would cost. This is someone I can work with.

I have used them for over twelve months and this is the first time I have ever had something go wrong and I order every month. I have shared this because service is something that seems sadly missing in a lot of companies these days.

Sunset Busselton

The Goose Restraunt in Busselton WA with a firey sunset behind it.

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