Black Friday specials

I don’t often do a post of just specials, but these are really great offers I would hate you to miss.

If you are starting out in photography or have brought someone a camera for Christmas then grab these two ebooks for free and add them to your gift.

Starting Out e-book this is book 1 in my series Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer and from the 25/11 to 29/11/2015 it is available free as an ebook. These first two books are tasters to get you started and then the rest of the series goes into much more depth and detail.

Making Photography Easy – ebook this is book 2 in my series Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer.  Get them while they are free. They are short and easy to read as often when we get started in photography there is so much to learn that we are overwhelmed, so these are light and easy reading.

50% off photography courses I especially recommend the “Backup or die” book as I have used it and it really works. All those people who have recently lost everything in the fires will tell you, it’s too late after disaster has hit. Get this book and follow the instructions and you will be prepared in case of fire, cyclone, flood, computer crashes, hard drive failure, theft or just an accidental deletion of important files. This is important for your photos but also for all you important documents, wills,  insurances etc.

Photobook Australia Up to 90%off

craftsy For all your craft needs and great tutorial, photography included


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