The Power of Words

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Today I wanted to touch on something that could be life saving or life destroying.

That is the power of words.

Sometimes when someone is feeling down, depressed or just sad, the words we say to them become imprinted on their soul and either reinforce the negatives or give them positives to hang on to.

I was struggling recently with some personal issues and found myself struggling to believe in myself, I wanted to reach out to people without going into to much detail. We were travelling so unable to go and see the ones I know would support me. So I put a post on facebook.

Most of the people I know amazed me with their genuine compassion and those who sent texts of encouragement, know that I cried as I read each of them, they meant so much, but on comment was, “Toughen up Princess”

This was very nearly my undoing. It seemed to blow away all the positives and reinforce all the negatives I had ever been told. Three words very nearly negated all the hundreds of positive ones.

Please don’t judge others or speak words carelessly when someone is reaching out. If someone was drowning I wonder if that same person would say, “learn to swim” and walk away and leave the person to drown. As if I could have swum or in this case toughened up I would have already done that.

Remember it is not just about walking in another persons shoes, it is about walking in their shoes with their blistered and bleeding feet.

For all those who were able to be there for me thankyou so much, these next photos are for all of you.

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