Learn how to Photograph Flowers and/or Night Photography

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Macro either excites people or terrifies them.

Flowers are a favourite starting point for many people wanting to get into macro photography, for two reasons. One is that they are readily available and two there are lots that aren’t really small.

Pink everlastings 2

A blue/purple wildflower in the bush







For others it is their love of gardening that draws them to photography and eventually macro as they want to record the changes that happen in their garden.

Flowers are favourites for photographers as well. They have a great range of colour and form and they tap into our memories, so they help us to express an emotion or tell a story.

The June Photography Dash is on Flowers and/or night photography, so it is a great way to start your journey into macro photography or unleash your creativity in light painting.

sturt desurt pea 2

Close up of sturt pea

sturt pea top view















Learn how framing, angles and depth of field all influence how the image will look. Learn what lighting to use, learn when the best time to take flower photography is.

spider orchid Mt lesueur

An exotic spider orchid









You can learn how to take wonderful photos that show your flowers off in their best light.

The other stream of the Dash for June is Night Photography, so join one or both Dashes and take your photography to the next level.

After you have signed up to the Dash you will get an email asking you if you want to upgrade to Gold.

You don’t have to, to learn, but this is an amazing opportunity.

For less than a cup of coffee a day you can have a professional photographer as your coach. They will look at your images, tell you what you have done right and what you can improve, but better than that they will tell you HOW to get it right.

This is an interactive course where you can learn in a unique environment. Take this opportunity today, it is one that most people would not be able to afford if they had to hire a professional photographer direct, but that has been made affordable through being part of the Dash.

Dashers also form a great community of like minded people. Many participants have gone on to form lasting friendships, both with other participants and with the professional coaches. Are you serious about your photography? Click on the link now.

Not into flowers, but want to get creative with Night Photography? We have you covered too.

The two Dashes run simultaneously, You can do one or both.

In the Night photography stream you will learn what gear to use, what settings work best, how to have fun with light painting and much more.

orb try 1 earth, moon & sun align











You too can take amazing photos, don’t hesitate, take the plunge now.

There is another lunar eclipse happening soon, prepare now so you will know how to when the moment arrives.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a semi-pro this course will help you take your images to the next level. Be part of The Photography Dash now!

Portable Backup Drive

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If you are like me you are always looking for more hard drive space, especially as a photographer and needing to keep backups of all my image files.

But for everyone backup is crucial. Hard drives do fail and it will happen to you at some stage. It doesn’t have to be a catastrophe if you have everything backed up, but if you don’t……

Don’t let what happened to me happen to you.

The other problem I have is when I am away from home, I have my laptop with me and a portable hard drive, but I can’t make an offsite copy and when you are travelling there is a much higher risk of lost, theft or damage.

With the new Seagate, Slim 2TB Portable Hard drive you can back up via the cloud to your home computer, you can upload images direct to social media and when you are at home, you can use it to back up wirelessly on your home wireless network.

This is just how slim it is. Not even as wide as a USB port.

slim seagate poirtable hard drive

This shows you the thickness of the drive





It has great read times and the write times are good too.

slim seagate poirtable hard drive

you can fit it in your pocket









Yes you can fit it in your pocket.

The other great thing is the software that comes packaged with it. The software is on the harddrive and the drive is plug and play. It doesn’t need a power lead, just the USB 3 cable that comes with it. This is also backwards compatible and fine with USB 2.

slim seagate poirtable hard drive

Ultra slim way to add backup to your laptop









The software that comes with it sets up a dashboard to make it super easy to use, it works on both windows and Mac.

It enables you to upload direct to Facebook, Flickr and Youtube.

You can also choose how  and when the backups happen and what gets backed up or you can just go with the auto option.

You can upload pictures to social media or you can download them.

The Backup Plus Slim is a self-contained 2.5" SATA-600 interface hard drive in a black aluminum and plastic enclosure which connects via USB 3.0 cable to any PC or Mac computer. The whole package weighs 150 grams and is just over 12mm thick - about the size of a smart phone.

Overall view of Seagate slim 2tb portable hard drive







The Backup Plus Slim has a self-contained 2.5″ SATA-600 interface hard drive enclosed in a black aluminum and plastic case which looks great and connects via USB 3.0 cable to any PC or Mac computer. The whole package is about the size of a smart phone. 

Never has it been easier and safer to back up, so if you are wondering which hard drive to try give the Seagate Slim a go. I have one to take with me and I am getting another to have at home. They are very affordable and in a lot of cases cheaper than others available. Seagate has been around for a long time and I use the extensively so am happy to recommend them.

You can see more and ask questions at Seagates facebook page https://www.facebook.com/seagateanz


How you can create great Silhouettes

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Do you get scared by the thought of taking silhouettes as you are creating a total black image against a colourful, light filled background?







Once you know how it is one of the easiest techniques around.

There are a few basics you need to know.
Firstly you need to be shooting into the sun, not actually including the sun, but so the sun is behind your subject.
If the sun is in your shot, use the foreground object to block it otherwise you will end up with an overexposed background.

The second is that you need to spot meter for the background.
Which means you go to your cameras menu and pick spot meter, a lot of cameras have a dial you turn to put it on spot metering.
Then you need to point the camera at the sky. Make a note of the settings the camera has picked. Now you can do one of two things.
If your camera has an exposure lock, then hold this down and recompose your shot and then press the shutter.
Then whatever object you have in the foreground will be in silhouette.

If your camera doesn’t have an exposure lock, you have made a note of the settings the camera chose, so move the dial to M for manual and dial those settings in.
Then compose your shot, press the shutter and you should have a silhouette.

That’s it…. Well there are a couple of other things to keep in mind to make a really good silhouette.

Subjects with a clear well recognizable profile work best as we easily identify what it is, making sure they are positioned so their most noticeable features are in profile.
For people this is usually side on.
The other is positioning.
Place them so that there whole profile is against a bright part of the background otherwise they get lost.
You may need to bend your knees and get low to shoot them against the sky.

See how one we lose them against the background.

silhoette bad example







Now have a look at the one up the top, much better.