Learn Photoshop and Lightroom

Click here to visit Serge Ramelli www.photoserge.com. Serge Ramelli has great free tutorials, he sends out 2 a week if you sign up for his newsletter and you also get the RAW files. On top of this he also has some great tutorials that you can purchase and he often has great discounts. At the moment you can get 40% OFF Click here to visit Serge Ramelli www.photoserge.com.         This is one of the images I processed Continue reading Learn Photoshop and Lightroom

Shooting sunsets and sunrises

            What makes a stunning sunset? I didn’t realise until one day someone gave me a magnet that said, “May you have enough clouds in your life to make a beautiful sunset.”               Yes clouds of the right sort can make or break a sunset. You are generally looking for light wispy clouds that cover a reasonable area. Does this mean you can’t shoot a sunset, without clouds? No, Continue reading Shooting sunsets and sunrises

Landscape Checklist

Take your telephoto lenses as well as wide angle ones. Take a plastic bag or purpose made sleeve, to put camera and gear in if it rains. Hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, water, raincoat, jacket or long sleeved top and light full pants. (often at sunset and sunrise mosquitoes are bad). Camera, cards, batteries, money and phone. Clean your camera lens and take a microfibre cloth Tripod. Think Safety First – often we get carried away trying to get that unique Continue reading Landscape Checklist

April Dash

Registrations are open for the April Dash. Click here:. The Photography Dash This one is on Landscapes and Sunsets, so to all you who have said I wish I could take photos like yours, now is the time.  After you sign up you will have the option to have gold or premium upgrades which mean you get professional photographers to critique your images, and yes I am one on the coaches, so you can even request me if you want!!!! Continue reading April Dash

Portrait Cue Card

Portrait Checklist             – Set camera to burst mode – Tripod – Spare camera – Batteries fully charged. – Memory card and spares (formatted) – Flashes and reflectors -Clean your camera lens and take a microfibre cloth On arrival walk around, look at the light, find somewhere that has good lighting preferably coming from the side but slightly in front. If shady find solid shade. Check off camera flash is on. Chat to people, get Continue reading Portrait Cue Card

Cheat sheet – general photography

Not really cheating, more like memory jogging:) I find that there are so many things to remember when you are learning photography that you remember some and get them perfect only to realize you had missed something else, so what can we do? I have lists in my phones note section that are like cue cards to help me remember. When I first started photography, way before mobile phone days, I would read my cue cards to put everything fresh Continue reading Cheat sheet – general photography