It’s Here!!!! The Photography Dash

Busselton Jetty

Improve Your Photography With The Photography Dash Do you want to take photos you can proudly show everyone? Do you want people to look at your images and go WOW, this is great? Do you read everything you can about photography, but still can’t translate that into better photos. Are you frustrated that when you are following tips or advise, it never turns out quite right?   This is an image I took in my first dash!!!     Continue reading It’s Here!!!! The Photography Dash

Rules of Composition – Part two

In this post we will cover more of the rules of composition. Many people think the ratio’s including Rule of Thirds are the end of the composition guidelines, but they are only one aspect. These are some of the others: Rule of Odds, leaving space, colour,texture, patterns (including symmetry), viewpoint, depth of field, orientation, Framing, leading lines, balance, simplify, background, focal depth, angles and take time. I will cover some in this post and the rest in Part three. First, Continue reading Rules of Composition – Part two

Aspect Ratio – Photography Rules of Composition

I have recently been asked to explain the different rules of composition, so I thought I would do it here so it is available for everyone. When we talk about rules of composition in photography we most naturally think of the rule of thirds, but there is actually a few others too, the golden ration,the spiral, diagonals and the triangle. To explain these I will show you images with these rules applied, but before that I need to explain, the Continue reading Aspect Ratio – Photography Rules of Composition

How to Make your own Grey Card

What is a grey card? It is a card photographers use to set the white balance for their shots. What does this mean? Different light gives you different colour casts on your images, sometimes we want this as we are trying to be creative, but often it takes from the image instead of adding to it. How often have you thought you have captured a great image only to bring it up on the screen and go, “it wasn’t like Continue reading How to Make your own Grey Card

Happy New Year!!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish each of you a happy new year. I hope it is filled with joy and laughter, health and happiness. It is at this time of year that we take a moment to reflect and many of you will have made New years resolutions. Have you already broken them??? How come even with the best intentions, we struggle to make change? One reason is that in reality, January the 1st is just one Continue reading Happy New Year!!!