How to create Bokeh images.

Bokeh comes from a Japanese word meaning blur or haze, is most commonly pronounced “bouquet” Steps required to produce effect: Shallow depth of field Position of foreground to subject to background Light Shutter speed Composition Lens effects.                   1. The key to achieving bokeh is a shallow depth of field. To achieve this it is best to use aperture priority mode, which will be A or Av on your camera. You need Continue reading How to create Bokeh images.

Photo Critique

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I have a new job as a photo critiquer. I am loving it, but it took a while to hit my stride. I am critiquing for the “dash” run by David Petterson of Digital Photography school (DPS). What’s a dash I hear you ask? Well for all you photographers out there it is an awesome way to hone your skills or if your just starting out to learn the right way from the Continue reading Photo Critique