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I have started a series of Inspirational Images with quotes. The images are available on their own or with the quotes. I will show some here and put links to them if you wish to have a closer look or see what the prices, sizes and designs look like.

To begin with I have just produced an Inspiration Calendar for 2014. I will show the cover image here. To see the whole 13 images and quotes click on the link under the picture.

Canarvon Jetty

…begins with one step.
Inspiration Calendar 2014

These are some individual ones as well.

Snowy Mountains

I am in charge of how I feel, perceive or interpret anything. Snowy Mountains, Australia


hot springs Katherine

In the end it is not the years of life you have left, but the life in your years. Katherine Hot Spring, NT. Aust

You can look through my full portfolio at there are great ideas for gifts and cards and you can also have a look at the clothing range, babies right through to adults.


Western Australia’s Special Secret

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Western Australia has a secret place that not many people know about. First let me say it should be listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. Biased opinion? Well I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Below I will put some images that give you a very small glimpse into what this amazing place has to offer.

The name of this place was once called Hamersley Ranges, now it is known as Karajini.

Kanyini, which Karajini is taken from means responsibility and unconditional love for all of creation and it envelops the four principles of aboriginal life:
Tjukurrpa– Creation Period ( ‘dreamtime’): Kurunpa– Spirit, Soul, Psyche: Walytja- Family, Kinship: Ngura– Land, Home, Place or Mother.
” Kanyini is best expressed in English as the combination of the two words ‘responsibility’ and ‘love’, but it is actually a relationship; it is an enormous caring with no limit – it has no timeframe: it is eternal.

This is so much of what this place speaks of, it is like you are descending into the artsacpes of God. You feel the embrace of nature and the grandeur of creation as well as it feeling like you are coming home to where things were a lot simpler and far more beautiful.

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New direction

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I have decided to start making some inspirational and motivational posters. These will be available through Red Bubble and are a very affordable way to bring art and inspiration into your life, either at home or in the office. I will show some examples here with a link to where you can get them. Would love your feedback as to what you think.

advirsity is as strong wind1

adversity brings out who we really are

lifes an adventure or nothing

A lilttle pup full of live and into eveything


not years in your life

as we age a lot of people slow down, but more and more nowdays the grey naomads are getting out and enjoying life to the full