Travelling in the Outback

We are travelling from Broome to Coral Bay and will be stopping in Exmouth on the way, so I thought I would include some of the iconic wildflower of Western Australia, the Sturt Desert Pea. This wildflower is a vivid red with a black center and adds dramatic colour to the landscape. I will add more wildflowers as we travel further through the area, but here is a taste to wet your appetite.

sturt desert pea 3
An iconic western australian wildflower
sturt desert Pea 1
Sturt pea in the australian outback
sturt desert pea 6
A cluster of peas on a bush
sturt desurt pea 2
Close up of sturt pea
Early strut pea
This is a sturt desert pea waiting to open into full flower
sturt pea top view
Looking at the Sturt Pea from above

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