New direction

I have decided to start making some inspirational and motivational posters. These will be available through Red Bubble and are a very affordable way to bring art and inspiration into your life, either at home or in the office. I will show some examples here with a link to where you can get them. Would love your feedback as to what you think.

advirsity is as strong wind1

adversity brings out who we really are

lifes an adventure or nothing

A lilttle pup full of live and into eveything


not years in your life

as we age a lot of people slow down, but more and more nowdays the grey naomads are getting out and enjoying life to the full

Station Stay Part 2

These are some more from our Station Stay…staying on an outback station is such a unique experience and a real in site is to the lives of Dinky Di Australians. The hospitality of the bush is legendary and this station is no exception, the people are amazing and so welcoming. We had a great time and hope to return again sometime.

Gold mine

An old shaft to an early gold mine



Namma Hole with a rock protecting it from animals

Namma Hole with a rock protecting it from animals

Namma Hole

These were holes Aboriginls made in the rock to store water

Reedy Mine

Blue Lake at Reedy Mine

Purple flower

Blooms in the desert




































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