Orchid Season is here

Let the treasure hunt begin….

 For those of you who have been following my photography for a while you will know how much I enjoy going out looking for the tiny terrestrial orchids that grow in Australia.Well it’s that time again and here are a few we have found so far.
Common Bunny orchid
There are quite a few different bunny orchids, so the search was on to find as many as possible, This is just one of them, a common bunny
Hare orchid
Hare Orchid. I left the finger in to show you the size.
Another shot of a hare, they really do look like a hare pooping up
Leafless Orchid.
This shows you a close up and the environment they are found in.
such amazing detail
close up of the leafless orchid, aren’t the colors beautiful
Cyrtostylis huegelii
This is a midge orchid, it looks like little midges attaching the stem.
Helmet Orchid
This is the tiny helmet orchid, it is about the size of a pinky fingernail and grows in moist damp areas close to the ground or in rotting tree stumps.























This is just a few to wet your appetite, I will upload more as time permits, between searching and sleeping:))

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