Funnel Web Spider Orchid

Yesterday we went out looking for the Funnel Web Spider Orchid.

It was going to be a long day so we packed a picnic and a thermos and headed off.

The first placed we stopped at had lots of slipper orchid leaves but nothing much was out, so we continued to Augusta flat rocks.

There we were greeted with a carpet of yellow, lemon scented sun orchids, so small and yet so intricate.


Lemon Scented Sun Orchid









We were with a group, so we all spread out to look for the funnel web spider orchid. We found a mantis orchid, a reaching spider orchid and a frilly leak orchid and then finally someone had spotted the funnel web. It was time to line up and wait our turn to take photos.

As we waited I noticed people having trouble focusing, so I grabbed a piece of bark and held it next to the flower so that the camera had something to focus on. It was windy and the orchid wouldn’t stay still. Once they had a focus I moved the piece of bark and they took the shot. This is a handy trick to remember as you can get focus in hard to focus situations. I also use leaves or twigs, just something with a bit of contrast or pattern or an edge that the camera sensor can pick up. Using this I go home with mostly keepers instead of only having one or two in focus.

Also remember you can add a flash or light to help freeze the motion. I have a ring light that gives a nice even light.

So here is the lovey Funnel web spider orchid, Caladenia infundibularis, this orchid is usually found in Jarrah or Karri forests or coastal heath in the southwest corner of Western Australia.

funnel web spider orchid Caladenia infundibularis-full-plant

Full plant, showing leaf


close up


Side view of funnel web spider orchid









I will add images of the others in posts on those particular one:)

Something to look forward to….Full plant, showing leafFull plant, showing leaf

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