Black Friday specials

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I don’t often do a post of just specials, but these are really great offers I would hate you to miss.

If you are starting out in photography or have brought someone a camera for Christmas then grab these two ebooks for free and add them to your gift.

Starting Out e-book this is book 1 in my series Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer and from the 25/11 to 29/11/2015 it is available free as an ebook. These first two books are tasters to get you started and then the rest of the series goes into much more depth and detail.

Making Photography Easy – ebook this is book 2 in my series Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer.  Get them while they are free. They are short and easy to read as often when we get started in photography there is so much to learn that we are overwhelmed, so these are light and easy reading.

50% off photography courses I especially recommend the “Backup or die” book as I have used it and it really works. All those people who have recently lost everything in the fires will tell you, it’s too late after disaster has hit. Get this book and follow the instructions and you will be prepared in case of fire, cyclone, flood, computer crashes, hard drive failure, theft or just an accidental deletion of important files. This is important for your photos but also for all you important documents, wills,  insurances etc.

Photobook Australia Up to 90%off

craftsy For all your craft needs and great tutorial, photography included


Sunset Capital of Australia

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I have been truly blessed to live in a wonderful place called Busselton which is about 21/2 hours drive from Perth the capital of Western Australia. We have been named as the sunset capital for our fantastic sunsets.

Busselton is located on a north facing bay, so we have the opportunity to see both a sunrise and a sunset over the waters of Geographe Bay.

peacefull evenings

May this help lift your spirit





This was one I took the other night. People often say you can never capture it as it was, but I like to think we can get pretty close. No we don’t have the sound of water lapping at our feel or get to see the stingrays float by or the dolphins jumping, but we can still impart the beauty of the days end.

For most people when they find themselves looking at a beautiful sunset the only camera they have with them is a phone camera. The wonderful thing is that you can still get great memories with just this camera.

I have an iphone, so when I put the camera up towards the sunset I turn it to landscape orientation, the long side of the phone matching the horizon, and then I touch on the screen where I want to focus. When I do this a little square box comes up. If I want to lock the focus and exposure I hold down for longer on the box and a ef/evLock symbol comes up. This means it will stay locked to this setting. When you are setting the exposure there is a line with a little sun symbol next to the box, you can drag this up and down to increase or decrease the exposure. Your phone may have a slightly different setup, so go online and check out what they are.

This is important in sunset shots as the sun is actually very bright and so the image often loses most of it’s lovely colors, but if you slide down with this slider you will see the colors really stand out again.

It is also worth noting that most camera phones now have some great editing software that come with them and for more options you can download apps.

These are some of my iphone sunsets.

slow kiss goodnight

slow kiss goodnight






sunset with iphone

sunset with iphone







Sunset over harbour

sunset over Port Geo, Busselto







So as you can see you never need think I wish I brought my camera, instead pull out your trusty phone and click away.

Hybrid orchids

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We are finding more and more hybrid orchids around. These are where two different orchids have cross pollinate. This is being caused by the European bee which as an introduced species doesn’t stick to on type of orchid.

You will be pleased to know that when we go orchid hunting, my friend and I, you will hear a shout and then the other will say, “what have you found?” To which the reply comes, a funnel web, or a leopard, or a bee……. if they say a tiger, you know that it’s a snake and time to get out of there, but the others are all orchids and we are very excited when we find them:)

This is a hybrid of a karri spider and a funnel-web spider orchid.

Caladenia brownii x caladenia infundibularis

hybrid between a karri spider orchid and a funnel-web spider orchid









This is the Karri Spider orchid

caladenia brownii

karri spider orchid









And this is the funnel web spider orchid

Funnel-web spider orchid

caladenia infundibularis









These are a few others to whet your appetitie.

This is my friend climbing up on a log to get the shot....the things we do for a good shot.

This is my friend climbing up on a log to get the shot….the things we do for a good shot.

Blue lady a sun orchid

Blue lady a sun orchid