Learn how to Photograph Flowers and/or Night Photography

Macro either excites people or terrifies them. Flowers are a favourite starting point for many people wanting to get into macro photography, for two reasons. One is that they are readily available and two there are lots that aren’t really small.             For others it is their love of gardening that draws them to photography and eventually macro as they want to record the changes that happen in their garden. Flowers are favourites for photographers Continue reading Learn how to Photograph Flowers and/or Night Photography

Portable Backup Drive

If you are like me you are always looking for more hard drive space, especially as a photographer and needing to keep backups of all my image files. But for everyone backup is crucial. Hard drives do fail and it will happen to you at some stage. It doesn’t have to be a catastrophe if you have everything backed up, but if you don’t…… Don’t let what happened to me happen to you. The other problem I have is when Continue reading Portable Backup Drive

How you can create great Silhouettes

Do you get scared by the thought of taking silhouettes as you are creating a total black image against a colourful, light filled background?         Once you know how it is one of the easiest techniques around. There are a few basics you need to know. Firstly you need to be shooting into the sun, not actually including the sun, but so the sun is behind your subject. If the sun is in your shot, use the foreground Continue reading How you can create great Silhouettes