We have experienced a great blooming of wildflowers as we head towards home. Some were taken at Fitzroy Crossing, some at Exmouth and some around Greenhead in Western Australia. We are going on a wildflower tour next week to try to see the exotic and elusive wreath flower. Keep checking as I will post when we find it!!! Wildflower season in WA goes from August to December and varies according to the weather. We are having an great season this Continue reading Wildflowers

Travelling in the Outback

We are travelling from Broome to Coral Bay and will be stopping in Exmouth on the way, so I thought I would include some of the iconic wildflower of Western Australia, the Sturt Desert Pea. This wildflower is a vivid red with a black center and adds dramatic colour to the landscape. I will add more wildflowers as we travel further through the area, but here is a taste to wet your appetite.


We had fun in Derby, we stayed at the Big Boab camp ground on the way there, then stayed at the Entrance caravan park. We saw the jetty at high tide, low tide and sunset. Derby has the largest tides in Australia. It is amazing to witness the changes that happen. You can drive along the Jetty and it is good for fishing as well. The Kimberly is also renown for its frogs. this one was in the toilet cistern:)


We enjoyed Broome as we always do. We met some great people in Kunnunurra, spent time with them in Derby and then in Broome we watched the stairway to the moon together. One f the great parts of traveling is the friends you meet. Tourists from everywhere travel to see the spectacle which only occurs when the full moon rises on the mud flats at low tide. The ripples on the mud flats create the stairway. They also have a Continue reading Broome