Blurring the Background and splitting the screen

A lot of photos that really stand out to us have a burred background. Some of the best wildlife photography and also flower photos, shows a crystal-clear animal or flower against a blurry background. This is done by using just the right combination of lens, aperture, and shutter speed, and really helps to make the subject stand out. If a background of branches and leaves were as sharply focused as the bird in the foreground, it would be very easy Continue reading Blurring the Background and splitting the screen

Best Apps for Photography mostly Free

We all love the apps that make life easier for us. These are some must have apps, to help you as a photographer. Dropbox is a great way to transfer large files and it’s free! Works on your computer as well. I use this to send all my large files to clients, As it’s free to download it works exceptionally well. The Photographers Ephemeris this is a cost app, between $5 and $9 but well worth it for any Continue reading Best Apps for Photography mostly Free

Canvas Printing

How many of you have looked at getting a Canvas print and then gone, oh wow, that is so expensive? If you could afford a canvas for your wall today, what type of image would you like, scenery, family, trees, ocean, abstract, an art piece or maybe something particular that interests you? Mostly we get what we pay for, however I have some great news. I have found a great Canvas Printer who is not only reasonably priced but also Continue reading Canvas Printing