Angel Girl: Feel the warmth of the light
Blue Hills: Let health and wellness embrace you
Sail Away: let stress fade away as you spend time immersing yourself in this nature image.
Camels on Cable Beach: soak up the beauty of the sunset and the peace of the evening.


Hi Everyone, Just wanted to give you a quick update. I have just finished my sixth book in the “Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer” Series You can see all the titles here I am still doing photo critiquing and coaching and am enjoying helping others as well as getting some spending money. If you are subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud then there is a new Lightroom called Lightroom CC which you get as part of your subscription, so Continue reading

Portrait and low light photography

My next two books are now available, Portraits US store Aust*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Low Light Photography US Aust*Version*=1&*entries*=0 You can also go to amazon and look up Julia Harwood or Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer.

Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer

This is the page where you can leave any comments or questions about my book series. Link for books Quick tips from a Pro Photographer – Starting out.  (US Store) (UK store) (CA Store) (Aust store)   Quick tips from a Pro Photographer – Making Photography Easy  (US Store) (UK Store) (CA Store) (Aust Store) These are availabel in all stores, so just replace the with your countries Amazon.

New Books for FREE

Hi all, I am so excited to be able to offer you my first two books for FREE. Yes the books are part of a series called “Quick Tips from a Pro Photographer” Book 1 is called Starting Out and you get it by clicking here Book 2 is “Making Photography Easy” and you get it by clicking here For the next five days they are free. After that you will need to pay US$0.99 per book. I Continue reading

Night Photography

Night photography can be daunting, first because we feel more threatened or vulnerable at night, so it is good to always think safety first. Take someone with you. Then the art of photographing at night is often hard to master especially if you want to do night landscapes. You need both an understanding of low light or long exposure photography and some knowledge of lunar science. The light from the moon has a different quality to sunlight and gives a Continue reading