Dealing with and Letting Go of Emotions.

Emotions are neither good nor bad. They are just feelings.

However, when we hang onto negative emotions, negative thoughts, wrongs people have done us or those close to us or injustices in the world, you literally cause an energy block.

Emotions, feelings, and intuition are little compasses giving you directions so that you can have a fulfilled life, and be the best and truest version of yourself, which is where all the happiness and true desires lie.

So, if you bury an emotion, a feeling or a “ping” of intuition that you would have been better acknowledging, you condition yourself to this as the norm. We deaden our intuition and our knowing.

The problem is, we are gifted with emotions, feelings, and intuition for a very important reason and purpose, and you ignoring them is like a slap in the face to the Universe.

The system of energy in the universe is designed to bring us the things we want or need, however what we spend the most time thinking about is then what the energy system interprets as what we want more of and so that’s what it sends us.

Even if you just ruminate or go around and around thinking about the same thing over and over again, the energy becomes dense in one spot and stops the energy flowing.

Even constantly stressing will add energy blocks to your system, as stressing affects our auto immune system, and this then impacts our bodies negatively.

When energy gets stuck, it needs to be released or it will manifest itself by affecting us in the physical. It sets up an inflammatory, fight or flight, reaction, which then leads to a compromised immune system and disease.

Thought have become real.

Sometimes we think burying our emotions is something we have to do, often we push aside our feelings thinking, “I will deal with this later.” However, doing this buries them in our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is clever and will try to get you to deal with them by bringing them to the surface every now and then, but if something has been buried for long enough, it’s going to come up in a weird way that at times will be difficult to even trace back.

Imagine the checkout chick is talking to another customer and you are waiting, waiting, waiting, then when finally, she serves you she is rude. You suppress it, act like nothing happened. A few days later, you’ve consciously forgotten all about the checkout chick, but you go home and flip out on something your partner did to upset you. This was your subconscious reminding you that there was a blockage, but it resurfaced in an nasty way, then we are mad at ourselves and our partner and the blockage gets bigger and we have no idea what caused it all.

Here are some of the manifestations of buried emotions:

  • When you wake up in a bad mood.
  • Overreacting to small things
  • Low feelings of self-worth, can be disguised of I’m too fat, I’m too dumb, I’m not gifted enough. All the I’m not enough statements we tell ourselves
  • Feelings of deep sadness
  • When you say, “I’m okay. I’m fine,” even if you’re not.
  • When you can’t say what you truly feel to a person for fear of being rejected, ridiculed, or judged.
  • When you take refuge in over self-indulgence (eating, drinking, drugs) during emotional lows.
  • When you allow yourself to think as or become a victim.
  • When you have a few drinks and hatred, anger, unforgiveness and lack of compassion raise their heads.

It is impossible to bury emotions.

They can’t be destroyed by ignoring them or burying them.

When you bury your emotions, you are actually planting a seed—a seed that is then watered with denial and negligence—and it eventually resurfaces in an ugly and unpredictable way. It must instead be processed and released to clear the energy block.

Techniques to Find Buried Emotions

These are practical ways to consciously embrace emotions:

START A JOURNAL. Each day, write down all the emotions you felt, you may need to do this several times a day to start with, as you become aware of an emotion, either good or back, jot it down, either on paper or in your notes on your phone. This is insightful as it.

It is only 9:15 am and I have been up for an hour and a half and I have just jotted down the emotions I have had in that time and I have:

  • Anxiety, about what the day will bring,
  • Frustration at someone not helping themselves.
  • Happiness, from my dog looking out for me and loving me.
  • Gratitude for the birds in the trees and a beautiful one sitting on my fence.
  • Hunger as my sugar was going low.
  • Fear that it will go too low and I will pass out

Not bad for just over an hour. This tells me I still have quite a few issues to deal with.

I love the fact that we never stop learning even when we are teaching others😊

This will help you to acknowledge in writing the feelings and sentiments of the day and take the time to look at why I experienced the ones I did.


  • A quick way of dealing with emotions on the spot is to say, “anger/sadness/grief/wounding/frustration/fear/anxiety etc is happening here”, instead of “I’m angry…” or “You are angry….”.

Just recognize the emotion without making it yours or someone else’s. Become the observer and let go of any attachment to it and see what difference it makes.

If you have the opportunity to spend time with the emotion to see where it became stuck, then

  • Go to a private place where you can be alone for a while.
  • Close your eyes and breathe slowly.
  • Breathe deeply, until your whole body is relaxed, and your mind is clear.     Revisit the emotion.
  • Ask Spirit of Light and Love to help you or call on your angels for help, ask them to show you the cause of this emotion and to help you deal with it until it has no more power over you.
  • Try recreating the original episode and imagine it playing out in a better way.

For example, looking back at our original scenario, if you imagined yourself saying to the checkout girl, “I think it is lovely that you are friendly and care about your customers, but it would be wonderful if you could balance that with the next customers’ needs and the fact that they may not have much time to wait and keep your conversation brief, maybe you could ask if the customer wanted to grab a coffee with you in your break if it is someone you really want to have a chat with or help in some way. I love the fact that you are so happy and make shopping a personal experience.”

Then imagine her saying, “oh thankyou for noticing, I do care for all my customers, but I understand other are sometimes in a hurry, sorry about that. I like your idea of grabbing a coffee in my break. Have a lovely day.”

Her smiling at you and you smiling back.

While this rewinding a situation seems fictitious, it does rewire the emotion and can also be used for the bigger stresses of life. For example, you said something, and your previous partner lost it and got violent, you can rewrite the situation with him not doing that and being understanding and loving instead. As strange as this seems it really does work as I have used it myself for some pretty big traumas.

  • Use visualization to see the energy being cleared. You could imagine a vacuum literally sucking the blockage out of whatever part of my body is feeling affected.


Set your mobile phone alarms with two-hour intervals.

Once the alarm sounds off, check yourself and your emotional state.

We tend to get stuck in negative cycles, so cutting into them allows for conscious awareness to be brought in. Write down the feeling for the 2 hours.

If you find you’re already in an awesome state, give it some gratitude and write these down too.


Talk to a person who you truly trust, a person who accepts and loves you for who you are or for the bigger stuff I recommend seeing a therapist. A counsellor or a natural healer* that can help you find what is at the root of what you are feeling and help you to walk through the release process.

It is important that this is someone you really trust.

  • Tell them your raw emotion.
  • Let it out.
  • But be careful not to turn it into a victim party or a gossip session.

FOCUS ON THE EMOTION. (90 second rule)

When you are dealing with the emotion, don’t get into thinking and making judgements about the person or people who you may feel caused you that emotional harm.


  • Feel the emotion
  • Name it
  • See which part of the body it seems to be affecting
  • Does it have a colour?
  • Just sit with this feeling for 90 seconds and if we don’t feed it with negative thoughts, it will pass.

A friend once put it this way, when negative emotion comes knocking, invite it in, give it a seat, have a cuppa with it and then usher it out the back door…and never ask it to spend the night!!!

WRITE AND BURN. (this is good for after we have dealt with the issue) 

  • Write that emotion and the issues related to it on paper.
  • Read it out loud.
  • Then, burn it.
  • Watch it turn to ashes.

This ritual helps in creating a closure to an emotional burden.

Being authentic means embracing our vulnerability. Emotions are neither good nor bad. It is what it is.

The 72,000 emotional receptacles all over our bodies dictate how we feel or react in varying life situations.

We can’t control emotions but we can choose what our reactions to them will be. Consciously embrace your emotions and start living an authentic life.

Say A Prayer

Grant me the courage to face and embrace my emotions. Emotions are gifts. They manifest my power to feel and create. May I see emotions not as frightening giants that are bent on stepping on me but as opportunities of growth, self-knowledge, and expansion.

*Natural Healers


Journeying therapist   

Crystal point therapist  

Oracle Card Reader   

As these are alternative therapists, it is always good to get a referral from a friend or look online but look at the reviews they have. Unfortunately, just as you can have unethical or just untrained counsellors you can also come across the same in the Natural healing world.

Source, who, what is it and how can I connect?

Many people ask me who or what Source is.

It is the being of unconditional love and light that is omnipresent.

Some people call that God, some Buddha, some the Divine, some The universe or universal energy, some cosmic energy and some Divine consciousness.

I use all of these terms including Source as when we name something, we limit what it is by our perception of who or what that is. For me it is not linked to any religion although many people connect with it through religious practice. 

The energy to me is the creator of everything, the being who was before time and will be after time. He/she is light love man/woman.

He/ she is a being of complete unconditional love and the amazing thing is that this energy is part of every one of us. A common thread so to speak. He/she is infinite. It is the part of us that goes on after we die.

So how can you feel the energy and feel the unconditional love? 

A method I use is as follows:

Sit or lay comfortably, place your left hand on the center of your chest at around the level of your heart, then place your right hand on top of that. This is your heart chakra.

Now focus your attention here, take a couple of breaths and feel gratitude for where you are right now, gratitude that you have the chance to sit and do this, gratitude for what is around you. 

Now ask. “White light energy of the universe, the energy that is unconditional love, please fill me now. I ask you and the angels to be part of my life from this day till eternity. Please be with me, help me and guide me. Allow all that I am to rise to the heavens and experience your love and light and so it is.”

Sit with this amazing being and let it soak into your being. If you have something weighing on your mind or a situation you are struggling with you can ask Source directly to help or you can call on ArchAngel Michael to help you.

Archangel Michael is the leader of all the angels, so he will send whichever angel it is that you need.

Because we live in a free will world, the universal energy or the angels cannot come and be with us and help us unless we ask.

You may not feel you get an answer strait away, but start paying attention to things that stand out to you. The answer may come through something you see on TV or on a sign, something someone says, something you hear. Be open to receive.

I asked Source if he would like to speak to you, the following is what I received:-

I am infinite, this is a hard concept for you to grasp as you live in a finite world of time and space, but I am part of everything you see, the grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds, animals and you. I am part of all living things. It is me that gives you life and when you leave this earth plain it is me your spirit comes back to as you are part of me and I am part of you. 

As you realise your connectedness you and earth will begin to heal, many people over time have tried to teach you about separation but this is just an illusion. As you see beyond peoples actions to their soul, you will find a common bond through me. I am, you are, we are and I love you with an unconditional love that never changes and never waivers, all you have to do to awaken is ask me to be part of your life. I am already within you, the asking just allows you to perceive me fully.

How do we find our Life Purpose?

How can We find our Life Purpose?

Life can be hard, it can bring great sorrow and It is ok to acknowledge that, but we actually came to earth to experience joy. 

After my hubby died people told me to imagine a better life, and I laughed, I said, I had the better life I would imagine and now it is gone. 

But I knew I had been left here for a reason, I just needed to find it. I didn’t feel strong or believe I could make a difference, but bit by bit, I found moments of happiness and occasionally joy. No matter what has brought you to this place of searching for more from life, there is help available.

Initially, the things that brought most happiness and joy to my life were when I was playing my grand babies and with the puppy I brought. 

They have brought so much fun and happiness to my life. But I didn’t feel they were my reason for being here, so I kept searching.

So everytime I felt happy I wrote down what it is I was doing when I felt that happiness, this is important as often those moments are fleeting and if you are going through grief, at first they are often far apart.

Then when I am feeling low or stuck I look at the list and even if I don’t feel like it start to do one of those things and it does help. Happiness attracts happiness, joy attracts joy. 

One of the first things I did was sit down and think, ok what are some of the things I wanted to do when I was younger and I didn’t do, and then I decided to do some of them. 

One for me was learn to ride a motorbike, so I now have my motorbike license. It wasn’t easy and at times I wanted to give up, but I said no, this is something I wanted and I proved to myself that I can do it. I also brought my puppy and am learning French. All of these helped but I still felt I was just treading water.

Then I stumbled upon Roz Place and her courses on Angels on Udemy and as I started these my world opened up. I found where I have the most joy and that was in helping others and when I am in the presence of the Devine, when I am using my abilities to help others and so that is what I am doing and I feel that life is suddenly beautiful again, even without my man. 

We had been married 25yrs and I loved him with a passion. He passed away 15 months ago. So I encourage you don’t give up.

I feel excited when I wake up in the morning, I look forward to the day. Yes there are still times when I feel lonely or down but I have learnt that we are strong enough to recognise and hold the opposites in life, creation and destruction, life and death, joy and sadness. One does not exist without the other. When we accept this and know that we are never alone, our Angels and Source are always with us waiting to help, our life gets better. You don’t have to do it by yourself, but you do have to ask. 

The Angels cannot help us until we ask them, so I would encourage you to spend time getting to know your Angels, we each have a Guardian angel that is always with us, and ask for their help. Archangel Michael is the leader of the Archangels, so if you don’t know who to ask then ask him to send the angel you need. Ask Source to make himself/herself real to you and they will. Angels take our messages to Source and then do what Source tells them to do.

Why do I say “Source”, why not Divine or God?

The “God” or “Divine” I know is a huge energy source that is pure unconditional love, in my sons words, “Love, light Man.” 

So that is who I am referring to. If I say God or Divine a lot of people associate that with religion and the theology that that particular religion subscribes to. 

I believe that the God or Source that I know transcend every religion and loves us with unconditional love and is just waiting for us to ask him for help and to be part of our lives and he will be, forever. 

The God I know also tells me never to judge, so I do not judge anyone’s beliefs, and however you know God or Source that is fine. We like to label everything when often we just need to experience it. 

My aim in sharing is to know that none of us need to be alone, we are loved and there is help available if we will just ask.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me at 

Angelic Messages for You

Hi, I am so excited to be entering a new phase of my life. As most of you know I have been through some major life changes in the last 18 months and have been searching for direction.

Don’t you just love those “Ahha” moments when everything clicks into place and you know what it is you are her to do.

A lot of you who know me may know that apart from my photography my other passions included Reiki (I am a Reiki master), aromatherapy, crystals, crystal readings and reflexology.

From as young as I can remember I have always had psychic abilities, however at that time I just assumed everyone did. It wasn’t until my late teens that I became aware that I was different from a lot of other people.

I couldn’t believe that everyone didn’t see angels and didn’t have an intimate relationship with the Divine.

It made me sad to realize that so many people struggled through this world alone unaware of the help and comfort that was available to them.

Never alone

angels always watching over us









At first I tried to share it with others through religion, but I then realized that religion was man made, God wasn’t. However when I used the word God people automatically think you are religious so what was the answer.

My son, now in his early 30s asked me how I would describe the being I called God or the Divine. I described him and he said oh you mean “Love-Light Man.”

I loved this because that is exactly how I had experienced the Divine, a being of unconditional love and light. Total love and total acceptance.

I wanted a way to share the help I had received with others but the help I got was for me and my situation, how could I help them in their situations.

I had used Angel Oracle Cards for years for myself and doing readings for friends and I realized this was a way I could deliver messaged and show people the help that was available for them in their situation.

I undertook a number Angel Oracle Training classes and realized this was what I was meant to do.

So you will see my website now shows the name Angelic Messages for you and Photography by Julia K Harwood.

Natural spa

This is a place I go to where I feel safe and protected, so I wanted to convey this feeling in the image of the beautiful pool









I have always seen my art and photography as bringing healing into peoples lives, this is just adding another layer to that.

This is quite a long post so I will leave it there….but stay in touch…good things are coming…..

It’s begun, 2018

Yes another year has started and I am excited to see what it brings.

I plan on continuing with my digital art and am opening a small gallery at my house.

Hopefully I will have this up and running within the next few weeks. I will let you know details as they happen.

Have you been out enjoying your photography?

Did you get some great Christmas photos?

I hope so. If you like what you got but want to improve I am available for individual coaching, just email me at and we can go from there.

If you received Photoshop for a present or if you have had it a while but want to learn how to use it better, I can help you. I work on your photo with you, so you are learning how to use Photoshop with your images as well as I will give you advice on how to improve the shot when you are actually taking it.

I hope your 2018 is one filled with happiness, love and joy.

Remember we can always find the treasures in life if we stop and look for them.

Alternate view of the heavenly dimension

the Eye of God

This is my latest art piece, hope you enjoy it.

Or another piece you might like:-

Born free

Born to ride

Tis the Season

Yes it is that time of year again…

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas and to thank you for being part of my life.

As you will know this year has been very difficult but I am still here, I am still living and I am beginning to thrive again.

No matter what life throws at us, we can face it and more than that we can overcome it….for those of you who don’t think I know what I am talking about, the fact that my husband was diagnosed with terminal leukemia and then four day later we lost our house to a fire and everything we owned and then less than 5 months later my husband passed away, so I think this allows me to say that we can overcome it, I am living proof of that.

I have had to walk the cancer path with the chemo thrown in, then buried my best mate, my rock, my lover and then try to rebuild first a house to live in and then a life to live.

I learnt a strange thing….the more you lose the easier it is to let go.

After the fire I thought I would hold on tightly to everything we re bought, but none of it had any memories attached and I now knew it could all be gone in just a few minutes. When my husband died I realized the fire had been preparing me for this, it taught me that you can let go and move on, you can choose to live in the here and now and enjoy every moment or dwell on everything you have lost and be miserable.

I do have the advantage that I believe we live on after this life, so to me Colin is only a thought away now and as long as I live I am living for both of us. Yes I get sad and have moments of tears, sometimes days of feeling overwhelming grief, but I also know that this will pass and I will be ok. I also have a strong faith in God (but I am not religious) and that has been a huge help in getting me through this year, just knowing that someone knew what the future held and that there was someone who loved me and had my back.

It is having beautiful people like all of you who have made me see that I still have a purpose and as the new year begins I plan to be adding things here on a regular basis.

Thankyou for all your love and support.

Have a happy holidays and a wonderful and blessed New Year.

Never alone

angels always watching over us. In the times I felt most alone, these were the times I realized that my angels were actually right there watching over me. So this is an art piece I did to show this.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas