Angel Girl: Feel the warmth of the light
Blue Hills: Let health and wellness embrace you
Sail Away: let stress fade away as you spend time immersing yourself in this nature image.
Camels on Cable Beach: soak up the beauty of the sunset and the peace of the evening.

What is the relationship between shutter speed and Appature?

someone recently asked me this so I thought I would add my reply here to help others out. Appature is like the pupil in our eye, our eyes automatically adjust to let the right amount of light in. In low light our pupil is wide open, in bright sunlight it becomes a much smaller circle. The camera needs us to select the Appature as it can’t do it automatically like our eyes. So the Appature controls the amount of light Continue reading

Will you help? All you have to do is read 1 letter.

Hi, most of my posts are on photography, however as a sufferer of Chronic pain I came across this open letter and so wanted to share it with you. Please take a few minutes to read it, It may help you to understand someone you know who faces this every day. Open Letter from a Person with Chronic Pain Chronic pain is an invisible disability. It is nearly impossible to really understand what someone with chronic pain has to endure Continue reading

Great course at 50% OFF, be quick so you don’t miss out.

This is a letter from David Peterson letting me know of a great discount on his course. It is such a great offer for beginner or intermediate photographers that I wanted to pass the opportunity onto all of you. David is the owner and creator of digital-photo-secrets and “The Dash” program. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn more and do it at there own pace to have a look at this video series. Here is the letter: Hi, Continue reading

10 Tips In Better Photography

10 Tips In Better Photography By: Michael Colucci Taking a good photo isn’t as hard as you may think. You don’t need the most expensive camera or years of experience, just 10 simple tips. Enjoy! Tip 1 – Use All Your Available Space Don’t be afraid to use all the space in your photo. If you want to take a picture of something, it’s ok for it to take up the whole shot with no or very little background showing. Continue reading